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Realme X2 Pro Hands-on: New Generation flagship killer Phone

Realme X2 Best Killer Phone

The new flagship Realme X2 Pro released a few weeks ago and it is to make everyone confused. Because these younger generations are quietly trying to equal the seniors, and they even have to catch up.

Realme did not accidentally borrow the design of Oppo’s mobile phone, and it was also the twins of the newly released Reno Ace. The device is built with a 6.5-inch E3 Super AMOLED waterdrop full-screen screen, it has a high-speed fingerprint of 0.23 seconds, and it has FHD + (2,400 x 1,080) panel also has a super smooth refresh rate of 90Hz.

Realme X2 Best Killer Phone

What are the new Features in Realme X2 Pro?

You can feel the refreshment of this high refresh rate just by sliding around the main device. The text and icons do not leave a bit of afterimage or pause, and the long body that slides vertically can take advantage of this feature.

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There is a 16MP front selfie camera hidden in the water drops. There are power and volume keys on both sides of the gadget. There are only speakers and USB-C at the bottom of the gadget. With the front speakers at the top of the screen and Dolby Atmos, it has a very good sound experience.

It is said that the appearance is 87% similar, but it actually means that the fuselage design is good enough. In conjunction with its full-screen gesture operation, the 6.5-inch is now the standard size and can be easily operated with one hand.

Realme X2 Pro Camera

The back of the camera is a mid-mounted vertical 4 camera that completely matches Reno Ace, but Realme has a higher-pixel GW1 64MP main camera with an 8MP 115 ° ultra-wide-angle camera, a 13MP 5x optical telephoto camera, and a 2MP portrait camera.

Realme X2 Camera

The X2 Pro’s 2.5cm super macro mode is also achieved by an ultra-wide-angle camera, and there is also a multi-frame synthesis night scene mode 2.0. After taking a few photos, we can find that the Realme X2 Pro‘s imaging is quite pleasing, the speed is also considered to be fast, and the zoom feedback vibration brought by the linear motor when zooming is very sensation.

Realme’s four cameras are all available for imaging, and the color tones are flat, which means that the green color of the plants is a little stronger. The 64MP camera naturally captures fine details in the big sun, and the texture of each brick can be clearly seen after the photo is enlarged. The ultra-wide-angle camera can capture a sufficiently wide scene. Of course, the edges are still a bit distorted, but some cropping in the later stage is acceptable.

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Although the portrait camera is not as accurate as of the ToF camera in capturing the contours of the subject, the effect is also better than the simulation. In HDR mode, the contrast of highlights can still be easily handled, and certain details are retained.

Realme X2 Pro Processor, Storage, Battery, and Other Details

Realme X2 Pro is equipped with the most top-of-the-line Qualcomm S855 + processor, with 6GB-12GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB-256GB storage. Note that 64GB only uses UFS2.1, and the 128 / 256GB version is UFS3.0.

Unfortunately, the dual nano-SIM slot of the X2 Pro can only hold a SIM card, without the expandability of a microSD card. But at least there is NFC, which can be used for applications such as door cards and transportation cards.

Realme X2 Super Voc

Compared to Reno Ace, it is its battery. X2 Pro’s 4,000mAh battery “only” supports 50W Super VOOC flash charge, but this power is enough to charge 80% of the power in 30 minutes, and it will be fully charged in 5 minutes.

The Realme X2 Pro is also backward compatible with PD and QC charging standards. Of course, the speed is not comparable, but at least you don’t have to hold its own charger when going out.

Since Realme X2 Pro uses S855 +, which is specialized for games, it is naturally put in the mobile game market. So Realme also said that X2 Pro has Wi-Fi signal stabilization technology, VC liquid cooling system and HyperBoost 2.0 optimization function.

Users can quickly pair and transfer files to other Realme, Oppo like iOS AirDrop Mobile phones, I hope other mobile phone brands can join this circle of friends as soon as possible.

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