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Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Build for Best eGPU

Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Build for Best eGPU

The Razer Blade Stealth is a success PC on its very own, but if you want to play a game on it to the most capacity, you will have to plug with an eGPU to its Thunderbolt 3 port. And for that, you need to grab a Razer core X, because it’s the proper companion for Razer Blade Stealth Laptop for gamers.

The Blade Stealth is Razer’s smallest, lightest, and least high-priced PC, starting at $1,399. It occupies the equal area as thin and light computers like Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and Dell’s XPS 13. Like different Razer laptops, it leads the way with specifications: it has a quick processor, a new option for a discrete graphics card, and as much as 16GB of RAM.

As configured, the midtier unit been checking out prices $1,599 and consists of the dedicated 4GB Nvidia MX150 (25W) graphics options and the constrained version pink colorway. It’s the least expensive model you could get with a discrete graphics card.

Razer Blade Stealth Speci

The biggest question here is do these upgrades eventually make the Blade Stealth a real gaming PC that you may take anywhere and game confidently on? At the identical time, can the Blade Stealth hold with different thin and light PC systems on the subject of productiveness?

The Stealth is to be had with both a 1080p non-touch display or a 4K touchscreen. The 1080p screen by testing has colorful colors, a sharp textual content that doesn’t appear overly processed, and a fairly shiny panel that tops out at around 346 nits. Its 60Hz refresh price isn’t as fast as what you could get on large gaming laptops, but it’s fairly preferred for 13-inch laptops. Razer additionally covered an anti-glare coating (on a matte display) that does a first-rate activity of avoiding indoor light, however direct daylight can nevertheless make it complex to view perfectly.

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The Stealth has a higher port selection than other ultrabooks. on the left, you’ll locate an audio jack, USB 3.0, and a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port (with 4 PCI Express lanes). At the right-hand aspect, there’s one USB-C 3.1 and a 2nd USB 3.0 port. Handiest one of the two USB-C ports supports Thunderbolt 3, however, each is capable of charging the Stealth’s battery.

Razer Blade Stealth Pink PC


The satisfactory hardware upgrade here is the new webcam that includes windows hello facial recognition as a preferred feature. You’ll not need to type out a long password or PIN to get into the Blade. It had no issues spotting me in exceptional lighting fixtures conditions, like with my glasses on / off or at unique angles.

On the flip side, the 720p webcam isn’t so outstanding. The image is grainy, washed out, and appears even worse in rooms that don’t have vibrant light. You’d be better off using your cellphone for video conferencing.

Who Should Buy eGPU?

In case you want greater than the MX150 GPU in the Blade Stealth, be that for expert applications or gaming, then the Razer core X is the solution.

Pricing has been stable for some time, and there is no coming near signal of a replacement version. If you need something with a little added RGB, there’s now a Chroma-enabled version for $100 extra bucks.

Razer is an organization for gamers, and if you’re shopping for a laptop from them, the probabilities are you will want to game. The Razer core X makes that a reality, the usage of the magic of Thunderbolt 3 to add the overall performance of a full desktop GPU.

The core X regrettably doesn’t can help you increase the connectivity of your PC, but it does have a whopping 650W power deliver, 100W of that is reserved to price the Blade Stealth even as in use. It is perhaps overkill, however it has enough overhead to assist any current graphics card at full load with plenty left over.

The Razer core X might be a fine desire, but it is not the simplest one. There are multiple options for extra precise necessities, such as a tighter budget and an eGPU that supplies its personal graphics horsepower.


This is an excellent choice in case you’re new to desktop graphics cards and want to no longer only get an eGPU however something to position inner it. The RTX 2070 alone is around $450, so it’s an awesome value.

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No matter the price, you still get a 500W energy to deliver to keep each your graphics and computer powered up even as you play. You also get more than one regular USB ports and Gigabit Ethernet, which is more excellent.

The Gearbox is a super price, however, it is a little smaller than some eGPUs, that means longer graphics cards may not in shape internal. It’s something to ensure you check before you purchase against what you intend to use with it.

At the End About eGPU Core X

An excellent opportunity even though for those who in reality don’t have something they could slot into an eGPU is the AORUS Gaming container. With this, you get the entirety you want in a single compact package. really plug it in, load up your favorite games and away you pass. You lose the upgradeability you get with the Razer Core X, however, it is an awesome area to begin if you presently have nothing at all.

View Price: Razer Core X Aluminum External GPU Enclosure (eGPU): Compatible w/Windows & Mac Thunderbolt 3 Laptops – NVIDIA/AMD PCIe Support – 650W PSU

When purchasing for an eGPU to pair with the Razer Blade Stealth, you want to look no similarly than the Razer core X. It changed into designed for this very computer, so the 2 now not simplest cross collectively aesthetically, you have sufficient power to preserve each your graphics card and your laptop powered up while you work or play.

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