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Qualcomm Hints: Apple may bring 5G iPhone in 2020

Apple’s new quarterly financial report is released, and revenue and profits are hitting record highs. The performance of the iPhone is dazzling. Moreover, the iPhone 9 has already started pre-sale in South Korea. The next thing you are most concerned about is the 5G iPhone in September (the next iPhone 12 ).

Whether the iPhone 12 can be released on time and the experience is good enough, Qualcomm’s support is very important, because the X55 baseband chip will be an important guarantee for the powerful performance of the iPhone 12.

Previously, the president of Qualcomm expressed that he would fully support Apple’s new products in 5G Research and development.

Qualcomm once again issued a stronger hint that Apple will be the most important customer source for Qualcomm because a large part of the supply of X55 baseband will be provided to Apple.

iPhone 12

Qualcomm’s new quarterly financial report was released, and its revenue reached a new high, but its net profit has declined, and it is generally within a reasonable range. According to Qualcomm’s forecast, the global 5G equipment shipments in 2020 will be between 175 million and 225 million.

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               It will probably account for 35% -40% of these orders, which means that Apple’s 5G equipment will probably have a maximum shipment of 90 million units this year.

If you include the 5G iPad Pro that may be released, the iPhone 12 shipments will be a very amazing number.

The four major U.S. operators are preparing for 5G, and the construction of various infrastructures is progressing smoothly. It is not a big problem to accept a large number of 5G users in a short time.

China’s 5G construction speed is among the highest in the world. It is estimated that it will also be in the second half of this year. There are a large number of 5G device users.

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             To grab 5G users with the Android camp, Apple will release many 5G iPhones (at least 4) this year. Although not a sea tactic, it is also the most in years.

Because it is equipped with more brand-new parts, it is impossible to not increase the price, but to seize the market, the price increase range will be acceptable for fruit powder, and there may be a parity model like the iPhone 11.

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