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Qualcomm brings 10-Gigabit 5G to laptop and home broadband


Qualcomm wants to make its 10-Gigabit 5G modem a practical reality in your PC or home internet service, and it is helping companies speed things up.

The company designed an M.2 reference for the X65 modem (as well as its lower-spec X62 counterpart) to give hardware manufacturers a “plug-and-play” option for fixed-in-place devices such as laptops, tablets, and home & Broadband equipment.

In theory, you would have a wireless connection to your PC, which embarrassed even faster fiber internet.

Credit: Qualcomm

The M.2 card supports 5G at both millimeter-wave (like some US providers offer) and sub-6-GHz frequencies.

Qualcomm quickly stated that software updates are providing general support for mmWave (especially when it rolls out in China) as well as improved battery life.

Reference design is now available to companies, although it will take some time to translate it into finished laptops and other products you can buy. Qualcomm expects the first solution to be ready by the end of 2021.

The big question, as is often the case, revolves around real-world speed. In a test reported a few days ago, Verizon (the current parent company of Engadget) only managed to reach 4.3 Gbps speeds

It can take a long time to be fast enough to justify 5G’s 10Gbps modem, and before you can use the extra speed.

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