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PUBG Mobile Krafton maker sues copycat games and app stores

PUBG Mobile maker Krafton has sued Garena Online for the second time in five years. It turns out that imitation is not the highest form of flattery when you’re the creator of an entire gaming genre and the owner of a billion-dollar intellectual property. This could land you in big trouble in the US federal courts.

Krafton, the makers of PUBG Mobile, has accused Singapore-based game developer Garena Online of once again infringing upon its battle royale IP. The company has also named Google and Apple in its complaint.

Garena Online has been sued before by groups like Krafton. This past summer, Krafton sued Garena for Free Fire: Battlegrounds, a mobile shooter that is suspiciously similar to PUBG.

This time, Krafton has filed a suit against Garena in US federal court for Free Fire once again.

According to Krafton, following the settlement in 2017, Garena immediately relaunched Free Fire on both Google Play and the Apple App Store without entering into a license agreement to license the game content. In September, Garena started selling Free Fire Max, another battle royale game with questionable copyrights.

As a result, Krafton is suing Garena for alleged copyright infringement stating that “Garena has made hundreds of millions of dollars from its worldwide sales of the infringing apps,” and bringing both Google and Apple to task for hosting the content and causing damages.

According to a statement from the company, which is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, damages beyond the statutory $150,000 per infringement were not specified. 

There are many such instances of infringement claims like this in the tech industry, with legal departments constantly looking for signs of infringement, whether they are intentional or not.

Earlier this week, Apple intervened to remove the offending versions of Wordle from the App Store after an influx of knockoffs and clones hit the App Store.

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