You are currently viewing President Trump said that after extensive protests, he designated Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization

President Trump said that after extensive protests, he designated Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization

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President Donald Trump announced a left-wing organization on Sunday. He believes that the organization that leads the violence in the anti-police brutal protests will be officially marked as a terrorist.

Trump said in a tweet: “The United States of America will designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.

Antifa (short for “anti-fascist”) is the name of loosely linked, left-handed anti-racist groups that have been involved in some violent conflicts in recent years. The movement has no unified structure or national leadership.

At other times during his presidency, Trump had clashes with left-wing instigators. After a violent confrontation between white nationalists and opponents in Charlottesville, Virginia, the organization referred to it as the “left-wing left” in 2017.


Speaking at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday, Trump said: “Violence and vandalism are led by Antifa and other radical left-wing organizations. They are terrifying innocent people, destroying jobs, hurting businesses, and burning buildings.”

In his first tweet on Sunday, Trump was critical of Minneapolis’ mayor of democracy, Jacob Frey, because he was not harsh enough on protesters. Last week, after an African-American George Floyd died in police custody, Frey’s city was shaken overnight by demonstrations. Before Floyd died, the video captured Floyd desperately telling the police that he couldn’t breathe with his knee on Floyd’s neck.

Trump wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to our National Guard for their excellent work immediately after they arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota last night.” “The mayor should finish it on the first night, not There will be trouble! ”

Trump said that due to the National Guard, “Antifa-led anarchists and others were quickly shut down.”

Attorney General William Barr also accused Antifa and other similar groups of calling them “domestic terrorism” during violent protests across the country. Barr did not disclose where or from where the specific criminal group might come from, but he said the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will work to identify “criminal organizers and instigators” who will be arrested and prosecuted.

Due to riots in many cities across the country, violent militants hijacked the voice of peaceful and legal protests. Some external militants and instigators are using the situation to pursue their independence, violence, and extremism agenda,” Barr said.

The American Civil Liberties Union says that Trump has no power to mark domestic terrorist organizations.

The organization said in a tweet: “Terrorism is an inherent political label that is prone to abuse and abuse.” “Obviously: there is no legal authorization to designate domestic groups. Any such designation will cause significant due process and the “First Amendment” question.

ACLU’s National Legal Director David Cole told “USA Today”: “He can call it whatever he wants, but he has no right to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Cole said: “The only power established by Congress to designate terrorist organizations as terrorist organizations are limited to international terrorist organizations and organizations that support international terrorist organizations.”

Antifa is famous for its mafia protest strategy. The demonstrators are all black, covering their faces to avoid being identified by the police or right-wing opponents.

Antifa’s name comes from the German organization Antifaschistische Aktion before World War II, which resisted Nazi Germany and gave birth to Antifa’s now infamous flag.

During President Trump ’s presidency, Antifa gained more public attention because the movement interrupted the activities of far-right people across the country, such as the speech of Vice President and proud boy founder Gavin McInnis at the Metropolitan Republican Club. Most notably, the organization confronted the white-nationalist united right-wing rally.

Cole said Barr “has the freedom to investigate the Antifa movement and prosecute individuals who commit criminal acts. But what he and President Trump cannot do is turn the entire group or movement into a criminal enterprise.”

Robert O’Brien, Trump’s national security adviser, told CNN on Sunday that the government plans to “explore thoroughly” the role of Antifa in protests. He said that the President and Barr wanted to know what the FBI is doing to “track, dismantle, monitor and prosecute Antifa”.

Antifa Group

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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said on NBC News “Meet the Media” on Sunday: “The fact is that no one knows. Ellison said: “It is not clear what the exact political motive is. We need to investigate this.”

He accused Barr and Trump of focusing on Antifa, rather than addressing “systemic police abuse in the United States.

Ellison said: “Actually, they tried to withdraw their participation in the main states under the Obama administration. They did not move forward in the 21st-century police service that the Obama administration started.

But this has not stopped senior Trump administration officials from using the term to describe those responsible for the violence.

He continued: “We are calling on the FBI to investigate Antifa and learn more about these violent rioters.” “And I don’t want them to be confused with peaceful protesters who have the right to march on the streets. That’s what makes America different from any other countries around the world. “

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