You are currently viewing President of Elon Musk’s Neuralink venture tweets that he’s left the company

President of Elon Musk’s Neuralink venture tweets that he’s left the company

Neuralink President Max Hodak said on Twitter on Saturday that he has left the company co-founded with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Muskxxx. Hodak did not elaborate on why he left the company, nor did he elaborate on the circumstances of his departure. He wrote on Twitter:  “I learned a lot there, and I am still a huge cheerleader for the company! Welcome to new things.”

Neuralink focuses on the development of brain-computer interfaces. Last month, the company posted a video on YouTube.

The video appeared to show a monkey with Neuralink implanted in its brain, using only its brain to move the cursor on a computer screen.

Musk and Hodak co-founded Neuralink in 2016 with several others, and Musk has invested millions of dollars in the joint venture.

Stat News reported last year that some former employees described the chaotic internal culture of Neuralink and pointed out that its scientists did not always have enough time to complete the project.

Although Neuralink did not invent the human-machine interface, its technology includes thin and flexible wires and more electrodes than other devices, which may provide more data.


Musk said that Neuralink’s technology can one day be used to enable paraplegic patients to walk again and enable humans to achieve “artificial intelligence symbiosis”, thereby fusing the human brain with artificial intelligence.

However some within the clinical and clinical groups have criticized Neuralink and are skeptical of its scientific claims; after an August 2020 demonstration of a pig that had a Neuralink device implanted in its brain, MIT technology assessment referred to as the organization “neuroscience theater,” and said, “a maximum of the employer’s clinical claims continue to be surprisingly speculative.”

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