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Pokemon GO HOME can now be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Go

The world of Pokemon is being updated. The Pokemon Company announced a major change to the game, as it now allows players to transfer Pokemon between different Pokemon games.

This means that the characters played on Pokemon GO can be used on Pokemon Home. Then they can be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield. More good news: When you transfer from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME at least once, you can get free Pokémon.

Hope to see Melmetal as a special reward. When you transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME, it is free. This only happens when you first transfer from Pokemon GO to family.

Pokemon Go

Melmetal is very special. It can be Gigantamax in the “Mystery Gift” promotion. After the Pokemon is transferred, you can see a mysterious box on the Pokemon homepage. It contains the mythical Pokémon Pokemon.

Please note that “Pokemon HOME Mystery Gift” is only available on mobile phones. The Pokemon HOME on Nintendo Switch can now also display functions connected to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

You can only get free Pokemon on Android mobile devices (or even iOS) through the mobile app or Nintendo Switch. Download “Pokémon HOME” from the Google Play Store and see for yourself.

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