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Podz has been acquired by Spotify


According to Spotify, it acquired Podz, a startup that creates previews of podcasts with its technology. According to TechCrunch, Podz automates the process of finding key moments from episodes by learning from over 100,000 hours of audio, unlike other services podcasters can use to create clips manually.

The acquisition will allow users to discover new podcasts by browsing short clips rather than lengthy episodes. Spotify says this will make it easier for folks to find podcasts they’re interested in listening to, and for podcasters to expand their audiences. Spotify tells TechCrunch that users subscribe to an average of 30 podcasts on its platform, up from seven this time last year.


Spotify recently announced subscription podcasting, in which select partners would be charged for access. Spotify doesn’t expect to take a cut of its 5 percent subscription revenue until 2023, so it will eventually have a direct financial incentive to attract listeners to subscribe to as many podcasts as possible.

Particularly since Apple Podcasts just launched its own in-app subscription service this week.

According to Spotify, it plans to incorporate Podz‘ technology into its platform, and that some of the results should be available by end of the year.

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