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Peloton Android app teases long-rumored rowing machine in 2021

Peloton Android App

According to text 9to5Google discovered in the Peloton Android app, Peloton’s rumored rowing machine is finally on the way. According to 9to5’s analysis of the code, references to the rowing machine we’ve been hearing about for years are included, including instructions on how to perform a stroke, and terms indicating Peloton will offer real-world water scenes against which users can row.

A Bloomberg article on a Peloton rowing machine appeared almost two and a half years ago. Peloton’s CEO has made several comments about rowers and rowing, and some job listings mention a rower. The code of the app may hint that the rower is already in production if information about it is starting to show up.

The Peloton Android app teases a long-rumored rowing machine

The outlet found code snippets that mention two devices codenamed “Caesar” and “Mazu.” The latter has a reference to an Asian goddess of the sea. It is possible that the rowing machine will display waterways from around the world, much like the company’s stationary bike. There will also be an option for rowing if you desire.

A second set of snippets goes over proper rowing technique in four positions. An app explains, “This is your drive position for this stroke.” 9to5 found system code that appears to indicate the app will account for metrics such as your average and maximum stroke rate, along with your height on the rower.

Peloton Android App
Credit: www.pymnts.com

There have already been other smart-rower companies that have produced machines that some reviewers have referred to as “the Peloton of rowers,” one of which was released just months before Bloomberg confirmed Peloton has one, too. Yet, it is understandable why Peloton would want to secure a share of the market. The company may also gain access to a new class of athletes through this platform, which could increase subscriptions for its memberships.

The Peloton Android App company has had a tough year. It had to recall its treadmills due to injuries and a child’s tragic death, and is now working to make them safer.

The company responded to 9to5Google’s findings by saying that “while our R&D team is always working on new ideas, there are no new products to announce at this time.” There are also rumors that Peloton Android App is working on an armband to monitor your heart rate.

Source: IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel

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