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Peacock will stream Stanley Cup games in 2021


Peacock, the streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, will stream every Stanley Cup Final match until 2021, the same as NBC will stream the games on its broadcast network.

A live stream of Game 3 of the Tampa Bay Lightning versus Montreal Canadiens will kick off this season’s matches. The company will stream up to five games through its premium tiers, which costs $5 per month with ads or $10 per month ad-free.

Streaming of Stanley Cup games will begin in 2021 with Peacock

As a result of the announcement, NBCUniversal is making sure that its marquee streaming service covers a broader range of sports programming. As well as covering the Tour de France, the Tokyo Olympics, and Paralympics, among other sporting events, the WWE Network is also represented by the broadcaster, including the upcoming SummerSlam.

Peacock may be the scrappy little guy in the room, but it offers far more specific sports coverage than most of its contemporaries. The time has come, Paramount Plus.

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