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Parler is back online after a month of downtime


After being offline for a month, the backup social network Parler has reopened. The company announced in a press release that users with existing accounts can now access the site and will accept new registrations starting next week.

It also announced a new interim CEO: Mark Meckler, who was previously the co-founder of the right-wing group Tea Party Patriots. After Apple, Google, and Amazon attacked the U.S. Capitol in January, services were suspended due to threats of violence on the platform and the program was restarted.

The old Parler user account has been restored, but the old “parleys” does not appear to continue. Fox News host Sean Hannity and other high-profile users have begun posting information on the new website.

Timelines for other major clients, such as fellow host Tucker Carlson or Rep. De-Devin Nunes (R-CA), remain blank. Previously, many posts were archived by external researchers who crawled them before deleting them.

Parler claims that he has no political affiliation, but loose websites are welcomed by conservative users who are either banned from visiting larger websites or disagree with the fact-checking and auditing policies of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

After the election, it became the center of the pro-Trump “stop stealing” movement, which escalated into a deadly attempt to overthrow the January 6th U.S. election. The site went offline on January 10, when its old host Amazon Web Services suspended its account.

The platform has now reissued what the press release called “robust, sustainable, and independent technology.”

Parler transferred its domain name registration to Epik in January, a registrar is known for providing a haven for “de-platformed” far-right friendly sites.

Parler is still in an uncertain position. Apple and Google have not yet restored their apps to their stores and are still fighting an ongoing lawsuit against Amazon. The judge expressed sympathy.

The company’s former CEO, John Matze, stated that he was fired in early February and the company is currently “conducting a thorough search to find a permanent CEO who will replace Meckler”.

Congress is also reviewing this. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (Carolyn Maloney), chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee, requested documents on Parler’s financing and operations.

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