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Parler CEO announced that he has been Terminated by the company’s board of directors

Parler CEO announced that he has been Terminated by the company's board

According to Parler investor and right-wing commentator Dan Bongino, Parler’s CEO John Matze has been fired from the board of the troubled social media company. Before Bongino’s announcement, Fox Business released a report on Wednesday afternoon highlighting a leaked memo written by Matze in which the CEO reportedly claimed to have been socialized.

The owner of the platform was fired, and the owner of the social platform was favored by some members of the extreme right.

In a Facebook video on Wednesday night, Bongino confirmed that Matze had been terminated. Bongino claimed to have no “personal complaints” against Matze, but he disputed Matze’s account of his departure.

Bongino said: “The relationship with Paller and the CEO has not been resolved because the CEO’s vision is not our vision.” At least on this point, Matze and Bongino seem to agree.

Parler CEO announced that he has been Terminated by the company's board
Parler CEO announced that he has been terminated by the company’s board

The exchange said that a few weeks before the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, after Amazon decided to stop hosting dozens of examples of violent content and incitement, a rift appeared between the owners of Matze and Parler.

Bongino claimed that if Parler was simply agreed to “all Apple’s absurd laws to become a cumbersome and restrained website on the left side of Twitter,” then Parler could have resumed operation within a week after being removed by Amazon Web Services.

The app is the channel of choice for Donald Trump supporters, who see the app as an alternative to possible reviews on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For now, it remains offline, there is no update when it will resume service, and it has not publicly announced plans to resume its apps on iOS or Android.

Matze said in a memo on Friday: “To make the Parler site work, I have worked endlessly and fought tirelessly, but at this point, Parler’s future is no longer in my hands.” Probably other Some z-tier social networking sites will soon require leaders to maintain them at a level acceptable to any business partner or even their own financial supporters.

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