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OxygenOS Update is now available for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro


The latest OxygenOS update for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro is now available, and the incremental OTA update strangely lacks the latest security patches but brings some recognized significant new features.

For users with OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro, you should soon see the OTA update starting to be released on your device, as it has been confirmed on the official OnePlus forum.

The only downside is that the OxygenOS update seems to be available only in Europe and India. In the next few days, global ROM may be available to users in North America and other regions.

The update itself contains some minor UI adjustments, such as new keyboard height adjustment options and numerous fixes for common problems.

Most notably, the alarm clock problem has been resolved-a with great gain for those who like to sniff-improve the stability of some Bluetooth connections, and improved Wi-Fi networks.


One notable omission is the latest Android security patch, OnePlus has not yet bundled this OxygenOS build in the December or January patch.

You are stuck on the November 2020 security patch, which is really stupid in hindsight, especially when you consider it is not difficult to stick to.

For users in India, you will get a brand new OnePlus Store app as part of the system app. This is actually a quick portal to support, storage, and information pages on OnePlus.

OxygenOS update log for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro


  • A new keyboard height adjustment function has been added, where you can adjust or hide the shortcut keys at the bottom for a better typing experience.
  • Go to Settings>System>Language and input method>Keyboard height adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue where the possibility of abnormal activation of the alarm clock is small.
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic rotation function could not be enabled.


  • Fixed a small probability that the pop-up window would not be displayed when connecting a Bluetooth headset.


  • Fixed the problem that the Wi-Fi connection failed under certain circumstances.


  • Fixed an issue where the possibility of photos not being displayed in the gallery.

OnePlus Store Only

  • An intuitive and convenient way to manage your OnePlus account, get easy-to-access support, discover exciting member-only benefits, and purchase OnePlus products.
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