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Oppo Flash Charge Technology: Oppo Launches 125W flash Charge

Launches 125W flash Charge

Oppo launched a new series of Oppo flash charge Technology super fast-charging products with new high-power wired and wireless charging technology and high-power ultra-compact chargers, consolidating Oppo’s leading position in fast charging

Have 20 minutes of free time? Great, because this is the time it takes Oppo’s new battery charging technology to charge a 4,000mAh battery from a full charge to a full charge.

Maybe you have less time and only need a little power? Also, because the same technology will provide 41% of the electricity in 5 minutes.

Impressively, given that most of the fastest charging phones you can buy today still take an hour to reach 100%.

Oppo’s 125W Oppo flash charge technology is the development of its very fast Super VOOC technology, and we have seen impressive returns in the past.

Launches 125W flash Charge

A lot of power flows into your phone, and Oppo has wisely made a major upgrade in security.

There are 10 additional temperature sensors to ensure that the safety limit is not exceeded, and it also has a special fuse overvoltage protection function.

The company has not only accelerated wired charging but also improved wireless charging technology.

The new AirVOOC wireless charger provides 65W of power and can charge a 4,000mAh battery in 30 minutes. Similarly, safety is important here.

It even includes a system to detect foreign objects placed on the charging pad, so the cat will not be accidentally charged.

Oppo showed a concept version of the AirVOOC charger, which has a cooling system on the base of the charger to control the temperature of the phone.

Oppo fast technology

In addition to these two impressive new mobile phone charging innovations, Oppo has also developed a small travel SuperVOOC battery pack that can be charged at 50W, but its footprint is only larger than that of credit cards.

The thickness is only 1cm. Finally, it made a second 110W mini charger with the same size as a standard charging brick.

Oppo’s fast charging technology has been around for a while, and we’ve seen it used on a variety of smartphones, including Oppo Reno Ace, which can fully charge a 3,400mAh battery in 35 minutes. The 125W flash charging technology launched today takes it to a new level.

When will it arrive by phone? Oppo said that the technology has been put into commercial use, but there is currently no announcement about when to see it on mobile phones.

Oppo launched the 65W Super VOOC charger in September 2019, and finally reached Oppo Reno Ace in January 2020, so we may not have that long waiting time.

The 125W flash charging technology marks the latest breakthrough in flash charging technology in the mobile phone industry.

With the help of advanced encryption algorithms and strict temperature control regulators, flash charging devices can be used safely and effectively.

Compared with wired charging, 65W AirVOOC wireless oppo flash charge technology allows users to charge faster. The first 50W Mini SuperVOOC charger and 110W flash charger are unique innovations of OPPO VOOC flash charging technology.

Because of their unprecedented lightness, lightness, and portability, they are leaders in the miniaturization of high-power chargers.

The technology behind 125W oppo flash charge technology enhances the system’s safety protection function by adding 10 additional temperature sensors to monitor the system’s charging status and ensure maximum safety.

The platform also uses fuse overvoltage protection measures, type C to type C wire, and 128-bit high-strength encryption algorithm to enhance security.

Oppo is the world’s leading smart device brand. Since the launch of the first mobile phone “Smiley Face” in 2008, Oppo has been relentlessly pursuing the perfect coordination of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology.

Today, Oppo offers a series of smart devices led by the Find and Reno series. In addition to devices, Oppo also provides ColorOS operating system and Internet services for its users, such as Oppo Cloud and Oppo+.

Oppo operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers worldwide, as well as the International Design Center in London.

Oppo’s more than 40,000 employees are committed to creating a better life for customers worldwide.

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