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Oppo Find X2 Series Launches to Return in the 5G era

Fast Charging

Oppo has always been very active. In the past few years, they have come up with lifting structures, periscope lenses, waterfall screens, screen cameras, 65W charging, and many other interesting things. In terms of design, the previous year’s Find X was almost a peak. Even today, products that surpass it aesthetically are still difficult to find.

In this case, it is reasonable that everyone will have great expectations for the successor products of the Find series. And just today, the Find X2 series originally planned to be released at MWC 2020, after a delay, finally appeared in everyone’s eyes.

The Find X2 series is divided into two products, Find X2 and Find X2 Pro. Pro models are undoubtedly the more important facades of the two. Although compared to the previous Find X, the Find X2 Pro equipped with a hole-shaped curved screen and a vertical rear camera on the left side will look a little flat in shape, but it can be seen that Oppo is in control of texture.

Oppo Find X 2

The place is still in place. The back cover of the X2 Pro has three versions of black ceramic and gray and orange plain leather. The materials used are relatively rare in the current market.

In contrast, we will prefer the tough ceramic version. Its back curve can provide a good feel, and can also show a smart water ripple in a different light. But because of the bright side, the Find X2 Pro can easily get fingerprints.

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       In terms of weight, the ceramic version and the plain leather version of the Find X2 Pro weigh 207g and 200g respectively, which is almost the mainstream level of the current flagship phone.

Coupled with the thickness of 8.8mm and 9.5mm, although it can reflect the texture in the hand, it should not be related to thinness. In the processor part, it is not accidentally equipped with Qualcomm’s current strongest Snapdragon 865.

Oppo Find X2

It also has 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage and is equipped with under-screen fingerprints, Dolby Atmos dual speakers, and three noise-canceling microphones.

On the front, a 6.7-inch Quad HD + AMOLED screen with 120Hz and the periscope camera on the back, it seems that some people can see the shadow of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Find X2 Pro’s rear camera is still very different from Samsung’s new flagship. Its periscope telephoto end uses a 13MP photoreceptor and an f / 3.0 lens. It has optical image stabilization and can achieve a 5x optical zoom.

Combined with the algorithm, it can achieve 10x hybrid zoom and up to 60x digital zoom. But like Samsung ’s 100x Space Zoom, the symbolic number 60 is far more practical.

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On the main camera side, Oppo chose a 48MP sensor with an f / 1.7 lens. This CMOS is the IMX689 they specifically sought out from Sony. Its biggest selling point is “Omni-directional omnidirectional focusing technology”, which we have already introduced.

Oppo X2 Camera Back

In simple terms, it can rely on the new pixel lens structure to improve the phase-detection performance in the vertical direction, thereby increasing the phase focusing speed and improving the camera’s sensitivity in low light environments.

Coupled with optical image stabilization and laser focusing, the overall stability and speed can be further improved. Not only that, Oppo has installed a color sensor on both the front and back of Find X2 Pro so that it can more accurately measure the brightness and color temperature of the surrounding environment.

Besides, this main camera can also shoot 12-bit RAW, which is the first time that similar functions have appeared on mobile phones.

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The last camera behind Find X2 Pro is a 48MP ultra-wide angle. It uses an f / 2.2 lens, has a 120-degree field of view, and has a macro mode that can take 3cm recently. In terms of recording capabilities, this phone does not have a gimmick like 8K, and can only shoot 4K @ 60fps video.

However, combining the anti-shake algorithm, three microphones (supporting sound focusing) and special editing software, it is estimated that it can better meet the daily shooting needs of users. As for the selfie camera hidden in the opening in the upper left corner of the screen, a combination of a 32MP sensor and an f / 2.4 lens was used. Of course, the normal beauty function will not be lacking, and it can also record 1080p @ 30fps.

Oppo Find XII

In the process of creating the Find X2 Pro camera system, they learned a lot from the Reno 10x zoom version, which also uses the periscope structure. This time on the consistency of the rear three-shot shooting experience, users can expect better performance, especially auto white balance, HDR, and a new generation of night scene modes.

When we asked why the lift camera on the Find X was not inherited by the new generation, the official response was that the current design will be more conducive to IP68 dust and water resistance.

Besides, they also said that the emergence of smaller camera modules will not cause much damage to the appearance of mobile phones (front). So after comprehensive consideration, the old scheme with greater instability due to more mechanically movable structures was replaced.

The screen of the mobile phone must also reach the corresponding high level. Because of this, Oppo specifically asked Samsung to customize an 8 + 2-bit panel called “1.07 billion colors.” It can achieve 64 times the color expression of ordinary 8-bit screens.

Find X2

Besides, in the part of color calibration, the Delta E and JNCD values of Find X2 Pro are about 1.0 and 0.8 in the default vivid mode (look at this number, the next one plus is estimated to use this panel). With Soft or Cinema mode, both Delta E and JNCD values can drop to approximately 0.4. To achieve this, Oppo claims that each phone will spend an additional 20 seconds on the production line.

It can also be used to detect the surrounding environment to help the screen automatically adjust to the most suitable brightness and color temperature. And based on this, the system will learn your preference for brightness based on sensor data and the app you are using, and the accuracy of its adjustment over time is expected to make users more and more satisfied.

Besides, to make good use of the 120Hz, HDR10 + screen of the Find X2 Pro, Oppo also introduced the so-called “O1 super-sensitive image quality engine” this time. In terms of function, it is almost a combination of HDR Upscaling and dynamic interpolation.

The former can be used to optimize the dynamic range effect of ordinary video (not directly converted to HDR video), while the latter can “up to 30fps” video content “to 60fps or even 120fps” to achieve smoother and more natural playback.

Oppo Find X2 Official Details 

Of course, these two functions can be switched independently. In particular, many dynamic video frames are not necessarily available now. According to the results of our trials, sometimes it will have the opposite effect of reducing the sharpness of the picture.

Find X2 color

The new pre-loaded version of Find X2 Pro ColorOS is naturally optimized for 120Hz panels. It is silky smooth to operate now, and the new system based on Android 10 has also been recently lightened.

The overall experience is a lot lighter than in the past. It is worth mentioning that Oppo has also installed the X-axis linear motor of “the largest Android camp” in Find X2 Pro. This also allows the new phone to inherit the excellent tradition of last year’s flagship Reno 10x zoom version, and it has an excellent performance in input, game, and gesture feedback.

Fast Charging

To withstand the high-resolution, high-update rate and 5G rounds of “bombing”, Find X2 Pro has a built-in 4,260mAh battery. On this basis, it also has the same 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charge escort as Reno Ace and Realme X50 Pro (but Realme uses the name SuperDart). In just 38 minutes, the battery is fully charged and the temperature of the device doesn’t rise too much during charging.

The introduction of Find X2 Pro is almost finished, let’s talk about the differences between Find X2 and it. The first and most important change should be the part focused on the rear camera.

The 48MP IMX586 photo sensor placed on the ultra-wide-angle end of the Pro version was used as the main camera of the Find X2. At the same time, the ultra-wide-angle CMOS was replaced with a 12MP IMX708. However, the number of pixels is still 13MP (but Find X2 only has OIS on the main camera).

Find X2’s battery has been slightly reduced to 4,200mAh, but the fast charging power is still 65W. The body is available in black ceramic version, blue glass version, and orange plain leather version, with a thickness of 8mm and weights of 196g and 187g, respectively.

Everything inside the oppo box

The screen is the same as the Pro, and the S865 processor is retained, except that the RAM has been reduced to 8GB LPDDR4X, and the capacity of the UFS 3.0 chip is only 128GB / 256GB. Both versions use under-screen fingerprints, as well as dual speakers and NFC.

However, the body of the Find X2 is only IP54 dust-proof and waterproof, and the linear motor is Z-axis. It is estimated that the feel is not comparable to the Pro.

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