OnePlus was the only Brand that grew in the U.S. Last Year

OnePlus Brand

Smart phone brands have had a tough twelve months, especially in the highly competitive American market. Well-known brands such as Apple and Samsung achieved some success in the last quarter, but only one company grew throughout the year.

According to the latest market data from Counterpoint Research, OnePlus has seen a surge in demand for US smartphones throughout 2020, with its sales rate increasing by 163% year-on-year.

The strong sales are mainly attributed to OnePlus’ operator channels. Since the end of 2018, the brand has cooperated with T-Mobile and reached a deal with Verizon for the high-end OnePlus 8 UW in 2020.

OnePlus Brand baseread
OnePlus Brand

Apple and Samsung’s decision to increase prices with recent generations of flagship devices has made some American customers seek more affordable options, and OnePlus can meet this demand.

That buyer group is still relatively small because most American customers choose to follow the development of more expensive smartphones, but OnePlus’ recent expansion into the prepaid segment should help it increase overall sales.

In the short term, Counterpoint Research expects the Nord N10 5G, which is priced at US$299, to be popular because it is worthy of being a value brand for OnePlus to provide high-quality hardware.

In the long run, OnePlus’ continued success in the United States is likely to depend on its ability to meet the needs of operators and fill in specific price ranges, which may mean more low-end and mid-range phones.

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