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OnePlus Release a Color-changing Phone with a Hidden Camera

OnePlus Back Color Changing System

The OnePlus held an internal communication meeting in Las Vegas, showing OnePlus’s first Concept Phone. As a concept design view, this Concept One was designed by OnePlus and an old friend McLaren. The back uses a lot of orange leather.

According to OnePlus’ product manager, the back of Concept OneE uses a lot of the same leather material of the London sports car seat, you can feel and smell McLaren when you pick up the phone. The two hand stitches on the back of the leather also reflect the lines of the sports car.

This leather material, you can smell and feel McLaren when you pick up the phone. The two hand stitches on the back of the leather also reflect the lines of the sports car.

To highlight the temperament of this phone, OnePlus also worked hard in its first concept handset. The aluminum alloy middle frame uses a PVD process, which is the natural deposition of metal on the middle frame of the fuselage.

OnePlus New Design

OnePlus sprayed 24K pure gold in this Concept One, so that the middle frame of this phone has both the metal texture of aluminum alloy and the noble feel of the phone through gold.

The real core of Concept One is the glass on the back of the phone. If you look closely, you will find that when the camera is not working. The rear camera of this phone is hidden under the glass backplate.

OnePlus Hidden Camera

The electrochromic glass used in high-end sports cars and airplanes is used here. If you have been in a Boeing 787 series aircraft, you should be familiar with this technology. The light transmission of the glass can be changed. It can achieve the change from completely black to completely transparent and can be completely hidden when the camera is not working, and it does not affect the normal light entering when working.

When talking about the original intention of this design, Zeng Xi, the product director, said that “OnePlus has learned through the community and other channels that users will have anxiety about the emergence of mobile phones with multiple cameras. At the same time they worry about the camera becoming more and more advance, how will they be arranged? Therefore, OnePlus need to find a balance point and the burden-free concept proposed by OnePlus founder” Liu Zuohu, and finally decided to use this method to hide the camera.

How is the Hidden Camera Experience?

As the camera specifications of mobile phones become higher and higher advance, and the camera on the back is more and more prominent, since OnePlus’ Concept One has to be designed without burden, it is naturally necessary to press the protruding camera back to the body.

In addition to thickening the body to a certain extent, OnePlus has also focused its attention on the thickness of the compressed electrochromic glass.

According to the introduction at the communication meeting, this piece of electrochromic glass has a total of five layers, and the thickness of the core discoloration part is compressed to 0.15mm, and the thickness of the overall color-changing components is only 0.35mm.

OnePlus Hidden Camera

The concept is that the thickness of this color-changing glass module is similar to the thickness of the tempered film of a mobile phone. In this way, the overall camera + color-changing module can be stuffed into the body and not stand out.

“After solving the non-prominent problem, there is another concern that everyone cares about, that is, how fast does the color change affect the camera experience?”

In response to this problem, Zeng Xi, the product director of OnePlus, also said that with a specially optimized driver, the Concept One’s electrochromic glass can change from black to transparent in 0.7 seconds, which is equivalent to the speed at which the mobile phone can start the camera app.

According to Tencent Digital‘s on-site experience, it is indeed the same. There is no obvious difference from turning on the camera to displaying the framing screen and commonly used mobile phones, which can completely meet the needs of taking pictures and scanning codes every day.

Does Discolored Glass is very Expensive or not?

Since the color-changing glass behind Concept One achieves the color-changing effect by changing the current, then the question comes again. What is the power consumption of this glass and will it affect battery life?


At the communication meeting site, the staff of OnePlus responsible for the research and development of electrochromic glass explained the working principle of this glass. This glass will turn black under the action of the current. The glass will automatically become transparent when it is turned off or powered off.

OnePlus Back Color Changing System

The battery life problem, product manager Zeng Xi also responded, “Its power consumption is very small, we figured it out, it only takes two or three milliamps an hour. Because our mobile phones are generally 4000 milliamp hours Consumption is negligible. ” Therefore, the addition of this glass will not have any impact on battery life.

In addition to the possible impact on battery life, there may be concerns about whether the glass itself will have any loss. The R & D personnel at the scene indicated that the life of this glass can complete a cycle of turning from black to transparent about 200,000 times, so according to the normal frequency of use, 5 years should be no problem.

“The electrochromic glass is still new to ordinary users, so there must be some people who worry about whether this glass is water-resistant?”

Besides Hiding the Camera, What else can you do?

One of the biggest features of the electrochromic glass that OnePlus added to Concept One this time is the ability to hide the camera on the back so that the back of the fuselage looks more refreshed, and beyond the burden-free effect, what else can it do?

At the communication meeting, OnePlus made this glass have a very interesting function, that is, by changing the amount of light transmission of this glass. The effect of the ND mirror can be achieved.

OnePlus Meeting Conference

The physical method to reduce the brightness of the picture is different from reducing the brightness in the form of software by dragging it manually when taking pictures. The addition of the ND mirror can make the picture taken more natural, and this small function is also used when shooting eclipses.

The ND mirror effect of Concept One only supports one-stoplight adjustment. However, in an interview after the meeting, product manager Zeng Xi also said that in the future, He will try to increase the adjustable range through circuit design to make the effect of ND mirrors richer.

When will this interesting Phone on the Market?

During the interview after the communication meeting, everyone was very interested in the concept of the listing plan of Concept One, but product manager Zeng Xi said that there are still some problems with the yield of electrochromic glass. Although there are currently solutions, The program also needs to be validated to continuously improve the yield of the product.

There is no clear time point for the launch of Concept One, but we believe that OnePlus will also work hard to solve the current problem and strive to let the new device meet you earlier.

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