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OnePlus Nord gets a host of upgrades with yet another software update

OnePlus Back Color Changing System

OnePlus Nord gets a host of upgrades with yet another software update

It seems that OnePlus has been working tirelessly to introduce software improvements to Nord. A few days after the smartphone update was released, the company released another version 10.5.7 of its proprietary OxygenOS.

OnePlus announced this update on its community forum, which is currently being rolled out to users in India and other parts of the world before entering the European Union.

The update brings many improvements, including better battery management, network stability, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also brings improvements to 4K/60fps video capture and still photography using macro lenses.

OnePlus 8 has a 48MP primary rear sensor

Importantly, the software update also includes improved display calibration. Since its release, OnePlus Nord has been plagued by the discoloration of the display.

The company stated that the problem is a standard problem for all comparable OLED panels, but hopes this new update will help correct the problem.

After months of leaks, OnePlus Nord was launched last month, becoming one of the strongest players in the mid-to-high-end segment.

Nord is priced under US$450 in some markets around the world (not the US), with a powerful Snapdragon 765G chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, a quad-camera setup, and 5G support.

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