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OnePlus may be Resuming its Smartwatch Ambitions

According to 9to5Google reports that the OnePlus smartwatch plan that was shelved a few years ago may reappear. 91Mobiles found a list of “OnePlus Watch” on the IMDA website.

We don’t know much about it except for the model W301GB, but there are some reasons to make OnePlus’ smartwatch meaningful.

A few years ago, OnePlus CEO Carl Pei said that the company is developing its smartwatch. In 2016, he shared the sketch on Twitter, but by then, the company had abandoned its plans to develop wearable devices.

It seems that the company thinks this is too much and has killed many non-phone projects. Fast forward to today: OnePlus has wireless earbuds and TVs-smart watches seem more feasible.


Also, as pointed out by 9to5Google, OnePlus often releases products similar to OPPO, which belongs to the same parent company. OPPO has just launched a Wear OS-based smartwatch, so we can assume that OnePlus will also use a similar smartwatch.

A former employee of OnePlus expressed support for this and told TechRadar that the company had been researching wearable devices “last year.”

OnePlus may have plans to launch Clover, an entry-level phone in the United States. We will see if the company releases new phones and smartwatches at the same time.

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