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OnePlus 8 Review: 5G Flagship Smartphone

OnePlus 8

OOnePlus’ devices are no longer your traditional flagship killer – they are close to prime prices. Not bad if they can deliver. Honestly, we have no doubt that the OnePlus 8 will be – it’s fast, it’s great, it has a fresh refresh rate and is fun to use. Also, it is cheaper than your regular Samsung Galaxy S20.

In fact, the OnePlus 8 is positioned next to the iPhone 11 in price ranges, and as long as someone is thinking of moving to Android instead of iOS, we argue that there are ways to rival that. Additionally, OnePlus provides 5G support outside the box, and Apple has not yet jumped on that freight train.

The OnePlus 8 is a great performer, lagging behind the camera and is not considered a major flaw. If you are looking for a new phone – this is a solid offer.OnePlus 8

Smartphone prices have been around for a few years, and most of the time, OnePlus is the exception. The company’s “Value Flagship”, like the OnePlus 7T, distracts us from what is feasible for a fraction of the cost of a regular flagship.

Now, the OnePlus 8 Pro has the correct flagship, but its “value” flagship in the OnePlus 8 isn’t really great. This is not entirely a OnePlus mistake, but let’s talk about it.


  • The Great, ergonomic design & feel.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Fast, sturdy performance.
  • Set meaningful feature.



  • The camera quality lags far behind the competition flag.
  • Need a large selection of storage-hungry or a micro SD slot
  • No telephoto camera, no macro camera is meaningless.
  • The speakers are tough

Hardware Design and Display

When it first launched OnePlus 8, the company introduced the phone in response to fan requests for a more “compact” phone. He could laugh. The OnePlus 8 isn’t a compact phone by any means, but it’s still a good size.

With a longer aspect ratio, the 6.55-inch Display 8 fits in the hand with a slim profile. The slim design and slim camera bump also make the phone feel better than the larger OnePlus 8 Pro.

It is still much larger than the Galaxy S20 or Pixel 4 and is similar to the Pixel 4 XL, but it is an acceptable size, which is a good compromise for many. The only “compact” part of this phone is the width, which really affects the overall shape.

The OnePlus 8 is a kind of narrow, lightweight and very balanced – a joy to hold and hold with one hand. This concept is perfect with extra click buttons and enhanced haptics – phone clicks, clocks and vibrations in your hand that are poised and accurate.OnePlus 8 Review

Keep in mind that the 6.5-inch screen on diagonal paper looks great, but it actually extends to a 20: 9% ratio. It’s narrow, yet offers plenty of real estate. It has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixel, pixel-per-inch density is 402 – pixel-peppers can also look very sharp.

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There is a high, 90 Hertz refresh rate. OnePlus was one of the first major manufacturers to adopt it and still proudly market it in OnePlus 8. Yes, some flagships have already reached the 120 Hertz mark, and we have also seen a gaming phone with a refresh rate of 144 Hertz. But everything else seems super-smooth to scroll around 90 Hertz.

There are so many color profiles to choose from, so whether you like the perfect and bright colors or just like the AMOLED saturation – OnePlus 8 has you covered. There are also overnight use (blue filters) and special color modes to read, adding warmth to the screen that mimics the Kindle experience.

In fact, the only source of complaint in the hardware segment is the lack of a proper IP rating. It offers OnePlus 8 Pro, but it is not a smaller model. It’s definitely an option in the name of cost, but it’s still a little shameful and this phone is water resistant with a rating.

Software and Performance

One of the biggest changes of OnePlus 8 is that, as always, it is shipped with the company’s Oxygen OS layer design. Most of that skin leaves Android, but produces some tweaks that enable more versatile customization tools. For example, you can change the system accent color to basically whatever you want, or change the icons that appear on your home screen.

Starting well, I found a new feature that I really like. OnePlus makes it possible to press a fingerprint scanner long after unlocking the phone to pull collections or shortcuts to commonly used apps or functions. It’s really useful! I think it has been a while, but this is where I really started to enjoy it on this device.

Another thing I like about OnePlus software is the ability to customize the status bar. This makes it easy to turn off the icons so you don’t have to cut the clutter. It’s been a while, but it has really enjoyed coming out of the LG V60, by contrast, provoking a ridiculous number of icons on the status bar. This is a good example of owning your phone with OnePlus software.

OnePlus is digging out its custom left-most home screen solution for Google search feeds. I’ve never gotten value from the OnePlus shelf, but Google Discover is something I use regularly.

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We get a new suite of sophisticated new dark themes and apps that look and feel like OnePlus. It feels like a very fleshy project, with a beautiful bow tie at the top.

OnePlus 8 features a display fingerprint scanner, which is the most accurate of its kind. If your finger is sweaty or soft, you will still get some strange results, but it is overall reliable. It also has face-unlocking, which is fast and convenient, but it only uses a selfie camera, so it is not very secure.

There are very few nitpicks here and there about OnePlus software, but the company is constantly listening to feedback and updating its phones to make it better and better. Absolutely amazing.OnePlus 8 Review 5G Phone

If anyone has an opinion, I’d love to hear OnePlus, which is this: OnePlus 8 Series only promises bi-monthly software updates for security patches. In a world where Samsung is also emphasizing these on a monthly basis, this is absolutely difficult.

The long story in OnePlus 8’s software is this: it’s great. Oxygen OS has its drawbacks, but everything else is like that. You will definitely be happy with this phone software.

Battery Life and Charging Quality

This slender and sleek body has a 4,300mAh cell in its trunk, which looks huge. Does it keep the lights on longer? Most definitely.

OnePlus 8 has a 4,300 mAh battery. It’s so good! I’m not saying that battery life is as good as LG’s V60 – currently the top bar for battery life on the flagship – but it’s pretty good. Most days I end up with 30-40% left and 5-6 hours of screen time. It may not be much of a power user’s pleasure, but if your consumption is equal to that of many, you will be completely satisfied.OnePlus 8 Fast Charging

You’ll also be satisfied with OnePlus’ wired charging solution. The charger included in the box with this phone is just as fast, leaving the phone in half of the battery in 20 minutes – if you don’t pay much attention, it feels fast.

Every time I use it, it impresses and is awesome. However, battery life is so good that I usually plug the regular USB-C charger into my bedside.

On the other hand, you may not be satisfied with the lack of wireless charging. There is no need to exclude this feature, especially on a $700 smartphone. As I stated in a previous post, OnePlus does not know about wireless charging.

It’s not about crazy speed – though, they are awesome – it’s about convenience. By 2020, there will be plenty of wireless charging. You can use the QI charger built into the airport seat! The lack of wireless charging in OnePlus 8 is a crying shame and is one reason why this phone number continues to be my daily driver.

OnePlus 8 Camera and Audio Design

The basic 48 MP camera on this phone is very good. It does not match sensors larger than the 8 Pro, but the shots are crisp with processing, which does not lead to high saturation or smooth image.

The 16MP Ultra Wide Sensor is a significant step, however. It is good in good light, but moving it indoors reduces the quality and gives you more noise for the shot.

Telephoto shooter on this phone for OnePlus 8MP Macro shooter. I think macro photos are fine, but that’s a mistake. As a result, only zoom-in shots remain digital zoom and not so great. How is a dedicated macro lens? As you can see in the models below, it is very good if you have enough lighting.

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There is an ultra-wide camera that allows you to shoot epic landscape shots or shoot action videos and keep objects in the frame. The sensor is calibrated to match the colors of the main camera, so if you feel the need to switch between the main and ultra-wide cameras, it won’t hurt you.OnePlus 8 Review

The OnePlus 8’s third camera is a macro camera. I don’t know why this trend is happening and the macro camera on the phone isn’t worn yet. The 2MP sensor under the OnePlus 8’s macro lens doesn’t offer great detail or quality.

The selfie camera was also a pleasant surprise. The photos are very detailed with great color accuracy and good HDR performance. Sometimes it does weird things with skin color and tone, but overall, I believe this selfie camera should have a good shot.

Overall, the camera system here is just acceptable. You will not be disappointed, but you will not even fly. In fact, anyone who buys this phone doesn’t have high expectations for its output.

OnePlus 8 is a pair of stereo speakers in a familiar setup. The bottom-fairing driver takes care of the meatier minds and bass, but the earpiece is large enough to act as a tweeter and has an ascending range. It certainly has significance and definition. However, there is not much depth – it looks smaller and firmer. You don’t enjoy blasting your favorite music through these speakers, but you can definitely watch the YouTube videos soaking up the balcony.

Affordable 5G Flagship Phone

So what’s the problem with OnePlus 8? In fact, it only comes at a price. Is this phone worth $ 100 in addition to its predecessor, the OnePlus 7T? I don’t think so, especially since the device has dropped to $499 lately.

With the 7T you get the same basic camera range, the same basic performance, the same basic size, and the same basic performance. OnePlus 8 is really superior to its predecessor 5G connectivity and no one should buy a smartphone based on that feature.OnePlus 8 5G Phone

5G is still in its infancy and will remain for a few more years. If you want a “price flagship”, you need to look at the previous year’s model to get it.

All this is Snapdragon 865’s fault. As with previous chipsets, Qualcomm sold the required 5G modems as optional add-ons. Now, this is required with the flagship chip, and as a result, all our wallets are actually paying the price. This is ridiculous and it kills OnePlus’s excellent pricing model.

One thing that bothered me a bit about OnePlus 8 was the phone call. OnePlus uses software to turn off the phone screen when you speak, which, frankly, never works for me. When I speak the screen is often turned on and when things are pressed. Call quality is great, but it’s very annoying and you want to talk on the phone.


If you buy OnePlus 8, I don’t think you’re a little worried. This goes especially for carrier variants sold by Verizon and T-Mobile. This is one of the cheapest “flagship” phones that you can walk and buy in the carrier store and this is important.

You can buy the unlocked OnePlus 8 from OnePlus and Amazon or you can get the carrier model from T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless. Stay tuned as we hope for more coverage of those models in the future.

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