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A new OneDrive update will let you edit your photos


It was announced Tuesday (via XDA Developers) that Microsoft is updating OneDrive on the web and Android with basic photo editing features. The new features bring OneDrive’s photo storage experience closer to what Google offers with Google Photos.

Cropping, rotating, and adjusting light and color are among the editing features OneDrive now supports. It is currently only possible to edit photos in OneDrive for personal accounts and it is limited to JPEG and PNG files.

The new Update of OneDrive will let you edit your photos

The company plans to make the photo editing feature available to business and school accounts in the summer and to iOS OneDrive users in the fall.


Microsoft has also included a few additional features for the Android app for OneDrive. Chromecast lets you cast photos to devices and let others watch you flip through them in real time.

Microsoft says in the next two months, OneDrive will add a feature that lets the cloud service automatically create folders based on the source of the images. For instance, you could upload a photo taken from WhatsApp or save a screenshot.

Despite being minor, all of these changes have their benefits. Having more direct competitors to Google Photos is a good thing as it becomes less compelling to use. Pricing will hopefully be changed soon as well.

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