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One Plus 7T Pro Model Evaluation: Upgrade in the Details

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One Plus 7T Pro Model Evaluation: Upgrade in the Details

In the previous one plus 7T evaluation, we thought that the gadget upgrade was quite large, not only the shape changed, but it also used the 90Hz refresh rate screen. However, compared with the obvious upgrade of 1 plus 7T, as a series of benchmarks, the addition of 7T Pro is particularly low-key.

(+) For

  • Phenomenal value
  • Blistering performance
  • Great software
  • Speedy charging
  • Excellent build quality
  • Macro mode works well

(-) Against

  • The camera bump is an eyesore
  • No wireless charging
  • Only average battery life

In the previous one plus 7T pro evaluation, we thought that the gadget upgrade was quite large, not only the shape changed, but it also used the 90Hz refresh rate screen. However, compared with the obvious upgrade of 1 plus 7T, as a series of benchmarks, the addition of 7T Pro is particularly low-key. If it is not one plus one to list the data, I believe that you will not find its upgrade point by appearance alone.

One Plus 7T Pro

Therefore, before the evaluation entered the text, I deliberately sorted out the upgrade point of 7T Pro, which is convenient for the following discussion around these upgrade points and can also be used as product comparison.

  • Design: Add a new version of McLaren
  • Screen: Using a new generation of illuminating materials, contrast 4000000:1, Bach calculation rate
  • Processor: Upgrade to Snapdragon 855 Plus
  • Camera: Add macro mode
  • Battery: Expand to 4085mAh
  • Warp charging optimization, 70% in 30 minutes

There is no change in the fuselage

I believe that there is definitely more than one person with this doubt. After all, whether it is in the parametric theory or the real feel, one plus 7T Pro and one plus 7 Pro are 99% similar, if not this one plus 7T Pro The orange version of the McLaren custom, I think most people cannot recognize the two phone models by appearance.

One plus 7T Pro inherits the predecessor’s hyperboloid arc, metal arc middle frame, and matte back shell, so if you are an old user, add 7T Pro this 206g weight and like a flat cobblestone feel I believe I will be familiar with it again.

However, although the design of the two mobile phones is similar to the twin brothers, in fact, their protective shells are not universal, because the back of the one plus 7T Pro has a laser focusing opening, so the new phone is also replaced. I need to change the phone case.

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Compared to the predecessor’s star fog blue, this time adding 7T Pro’s sea moon blue is slightly lighter, the lightest part of the bottom is close to the sea blue instead of the predecessor’s dark blue, but this needs to be in a strong light environment. Seeing the difference between the two, and the fuselage of the two mobile phones – no contrast can hardly see the difference.

The screen is a real upgrade of 7T Pro, but since the previous generation of the screen itself has been able to log in to the first echelon in terms of hardware quality, this upgrade mainly continues to polish the screen, focusing on the screen material and software optimization.

On the book parameters, the screen of 7T Pro maintains 6.67 inches and 2K resolution, but since the new screen is equipped with new illuminating material, the contrast of the screen can be increased from 100000:1 to 4000000:1.

One Plus 7T Pro Phone

However, since OLED itself is already very good in color performance, we can actually see it as a way of improving the contrast.

Although the book parameters vary greatly, the screen perceptions of the old and new phones are almost identical.

In-depth, Bach’s calculus rate is not an algorithm, but an optimization strategy for the screen. This strategy consists of three parts:

The 90Hz screen and processor schedulings are the foundation, system touch response and rendering optimization, and more than 500 models plus 90Hz system certification.

In this “hardware + system optimization + third-party program optimization”, the new screen finally gives the phone a smoother and more responsive interactive experience than a normal 90Hz screen.

The name of Bach, the actual meaning of the screen is like Bach’s song, smooth and beautiful.

So, in general, there is not much change in the design of the 7T Pro. Of course, this is not surprising. After all, the T series has always appeared as a product line for product upgrades, and the one in the Plus 7 Pro itself does not. The poor embryos are upgraded, and the natural focus is on “grinding products” rather than “changing products.”

It’s just that the design change of the 7T Pro is not very obvious, so it becomes a glass of red wine, and you can find the mystery.

90Hz refresh rate screen, how can it help the game?

Although Qualcomm suddenly launched the Snapdragon 855 Plus two months after the release of the 7 Pro, it was a good time to catch up with the 7T Pro, so this SoC upgrade can also be seen as a plus 7T series and one plus the 7 series opens the gap.

In addition to the Snapdragon 855 Plus, the Plus 7T Series also eliminates 6GB of storage and 128GB of storage configuration. The standard version starts directly from the 8GB shipment, and the 12GB is temporarily exclusive to the McLaren custom version, but no matter which version of the one plus 7T Pro, the phone memory is unified to 256GB of the UFS3.0 specification.

One Plus 7T Pro mobile

In fact, apart from the fact that some manufacturers have not used the Snapdragon 855 Plus due to the updating rhythm, product planning, etc., most of the flagship products have already used this new SoC.

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Although according to the update pace of the past years, there are still less than three months left to launch Qualcomm’s new products, it takes at least one to two months from the release of new products to mass production.

Therefore, the personal prediction of the 855 Plus product cycle is at least half a year. For users who are still using the Snapdragon 845 or earlier processor phones, the Plus 7T Pro still has a place worth upgrading.

To say how much 90 frames, help the game, to be honest, it is hard to see the difference. After all, whether it is ordinary 60Hz or 90Hz, the two standards are “fluent”, the difference is like 60 points and 90 points, one pass, one excellent.

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