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Office script can automate repetitive Excel tasks

Office Script

Office script – If you use an Excel spreadsheet on a regular basis, you may have to repeat the same steps regularly. For example, you may need to import data every day, delete some columns, and reformat some parts of the spreadsheet. To speed up this process and reduce repetitive tasks, Microsoft provides a new feature called Office Script.

Office Script is an automatic feature that can be used in Excel on the Web. Microsoft today announced its general availability and outlined the feature in a post in the technical community.

The idea behind Office Scripts is that regardless of programming knowledge, it allows people to automate their workflow.

The Microsoft 365 developer account on YouTube shared a video of the feature earlier this year, and then the feature is generally available.

Office script

Excel on the web now has an action recorder that allows you to record steps in Excel. Then place them in a script that you can run at any time.

You can change the script at any time through Excel’s code editor (TypeScript-based editor). You can also use the code editor with the Office Scripts API.

If you want to run scripts on a schedule, you can use Power Automate.

To use Office Script, you need to have a commercial or EDU license to enable you to access Microsoft 365 Office desktop applications, such as Office 365 E3 or E5 licenses.

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