You are currently viewing Oculus’ latest quest update lets you gameplay and record yourself at the same time

Oculus’ latest quest update lets you gameplay and record yourself at the same time

Oculus will quickly roll out its v29 software for the quest and Quest 2 headsets, and it adds extra features and functionality to the lineup. Most interesting is a new live overlay casting feature so that it will come up with a clean way to capture your scene the usage of superimposed VR on first-person content displayed within your headset.According to Oculus, any VR app that supports casting and recording will work with this feature.

If this sounds familiar, then you is probably thinking about Oculus’ mixed reality creator tool (MRC) for Quest and Rift S. That app requires a capable laptop, which incorporates a rig with 16GB of RAM, wi-fi graphics card, your very own 1080p webcam & 5Ghz Router for Wi-Fi connection.

The large distinction, according to Oculus, is that the mixed truth capture device “synchronizes the person perfectly with VR, even as the live overlay locations the user on the first-character casting scene.”

So, even as mixed reality shows you honestly cool things in a virtual environment, the live overlay shows what you see with the headset standing in the same frame because the image above shows. Still, it is amazing in case you are a producer who wants to expose the gameplay and yourself in a single clip with minimum effort.


In other casting news, Oculus is allowing you to capture what you’re saying on your headsets integrated microphone throughout a casting session or as you’re recording a video clip.

It is also providing multi-user help and app sharing characteristic for owners of the original Quest, so multiple people can share the game at the same headset. These features had been initially limited to Quest 2, however, Oculus is making excellent on its pledge to deliver them to Quest.

All you need to do is update at the least one iPhone XS or newer, a Quest headset, and the Oculus app for iOS to a new edition that is coming in a “subset of users”. You then activate this feature and feature someone aim the camera at you or aim it at yourself.

A file app is coming with this update, and it’ll be placed to your app library. Oculus states in its blog post that you’ll be capable of download and upload media files “to and from your favorite websites” through a browser constructed into the headset. Uploading content material to social media sites apart from Facebook must be very easy.

Oculus will begin showing advertisements for VR experiences inside the mobile app intending to broaden the look for developers searching for both visitors and users to locate new content. This may be beneficial for small developers who’ve created quality stories however aren’t aware about more famous apps.

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