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Oculus introduces more customizable VR Avatars

Your VR persona may simply resemble, well, you. Oculus is releasing an update to Avatars that will allow for much more customization, particularly with regard to facial features. If you’re a seasoned VR user, you can customize the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the wrinkles.

There will also be more options for body types, beards, makeup, clothing, and other personal touches. Oculus claims there are more than a “quintillion” possible combinations, though it’s safe to assume some will be more subtle than others.

Character movement should be more natural-looking as a result of machine learning-based motion prediction, according to Oculus. The brand also promises a more “unified” experience with Avatars appearing in more places.


They’re initially available in a few experiences, such as Epic Roller Coasters, PokerStarsVR, and Topgolf with Pro Putt, but they’ll be available in a variety of VR projects, including Facebook Horizon, later in 2021.

The expanded Avatars may appear to be minor additions, but they have the potential to increase adoption of the Oculus Quest 2 and Facebook’s VR platforms.

You may be more likely to use VR if you are better represented in the technology. This is especially true for Horizon and other social apps where your digital persona is important.

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