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NVIDIA Officially Acquires Arm for $40 Billion


NVIDIA Officially Acquires Arm for $40 Billion

As we expected, NVIDIA has just announced that it will acquire Arm, a semiconductor design company, for $40 billion. This transaction will allow NVIDIA to have greater influence in the field of mobile computing, especially when introducing AI technology to platforms such as smartphones, PCs, and self-driving cars.

At the same time, the ARM will receive more R&D support and access to NVIDIA’s entire product suite. To fulfill its promise, NVIDIA said it will build an AI supercomputer powered by Arm CPU at the company’s Cambridge headquarters.

NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun said in a statement:

Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technological force of the era, and it has set off a new wave of computing.” “In the next few years, trillions of computers will run AI. A new Internet of Things will be created that is thousands of times the size of today’s Internet of People. Our merger will create a company that enjoys a mythical status in the AI ​​era.


Although you might think that NVIDIA will retain Arm’s technology soon, the two companies have confirmed that Arm will still maintain its open licensing model and remain neutral to existing customers.

Naturally, this also opens a door for Arm design and implementation of NVIDIA technology, especially its GPU.

This provides NVIDIA with advantages that its graphics rival AMD does not have and can make some truly ambitious future chip designs a reality.

The boards of directors of NVIDIA and Arm have approved the acquisition, and the two companies expect the transaction to be completed within 18 months.

Of course, it must be approved by regulatory agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and China.

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