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Now you can unlock 1Password’s browser extension while not your password


When it involves password managers, their mobile apps get the most attention. however equally are area units the browser extensions they provide. They can produce or spoil the experience of using that platform. 1Password has one among the better ones We’ve used, and thanks to the company’s new 2.0 update, it’s becoming even more efficient.

The headline feature is support for biometric unlock. As long as the desktop app is put in on your computer, the plugin will open your vault using touch ID and Windows hello.

To be clear, 1Password already supports those platforms on the desktop, however today’s update makes it even quicker to input your password into the website.

The company has also created it easy to form, save and update logins directly from extensions. A changed interface can show you all the information that 1Password is close to saving in your vault.


You’ll be able to edit those details without opening the desktop app and add tags to assist the organization. are square measure updating any login credentials, the refreshed interface also makes it easy to see what’s changing.

Finally, the extension currently supports a dark mode so if you have injured it this way it’ll not look out of place next to your browser.

If you are not a 1Password user, these may seem like tiny additions, however things like support for biometrics are features that individuals are asking the corporate to implement for a few time.

If the extension has already been added to your browser, you do not need to leave your thanks to update it. Your browser is automatically updated to version 2.0.

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