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Now all subscribers can use Hulu’s Watch Party function


Hulu is the top of the major streaming services, it introduced a way for multiple people to watch its shows and movies at the same time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the Watch Party feature is being extended to all subscribers, not just those who pay for the ad-free plan.

The viewing party can be found on Hulu’s website. You will see this icon on the detail page of the title. Here, you can share the “Watch Party” link with up to seven other Hulu subscribers so that everyone can watch the same content together from a distance.


Hulu said: “While watching, group members will be able to react in real-time through the chat function and control their own playback.” If you find yourself having to stop while your friends are watching, you can use the “click to catch” button, Return to the same place as the others.

You can use “Watch Party” with the “thousands” titles in Hulu’s on-demand library, including the company’s latest rom-com movie “The Happiest Season,” Hulu said, when it premiered on Thanksgiving weekend Broke the streaming record.

In the early quarantine phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, many third-party cooperative surveillance applications have become increasingly popular. Since then, services such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Movies Anywhere, and Sling TV have begun to provide their own built-in solutions.

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