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Nokia runs Automatic Driver-less Train with the help of 5G

Nokia 5G Technology

Finland’s telecom company Nokia has won the tender for automated driverless train operation with the help of 5G technology. The company will develop the world’s first stand-alone 5G system-run train way in Germany.

The project is part of Deutsche Bahn’s high-powered S-Bahn operation project and will be developed as a Future trainway Mobile Communication System project.

Nokia 5G Technology

It will use 5G based Future trainway Mobile Communication System (FMRCS) technology which will form the basis for the digital transformation of trainway operations.

Nokia showcased this Future Mobile Communication System technology as a demo by shunting a completely driverless empty train. This demonstration of Nokia was done at Bergedorf station.

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The driverless train was connected using a 5G mobile network. This connection was of 3GPP standard, in which the train was fully operated automatically. Talking about Nokia’s technology, it offers a 5G network solution based on the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Apart from this fully automated train, the trackside equipment was connected via a 5G radio. After this connection was established, the train could be operated successfully through Relevant data transfer.

Nokia 5G Trainways

The company believes that this new technology will help in the cross-border operation of trains. At the same time, the infrastructure of the trainway can be improved further and the delay of the train will also be stopped.

Under this project, a 20-km section will be prepared in the first phase by 2021. This section will be one of the most important transport hubs in Germany. According to a Nokia official, the project will be the first of its kind based on the Fully Automated trainway Transportation Project based on 5G communication.

This project will set a new dimension for the Future train mobile communication system, which will make Industry 4.0 a reality.

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