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Nintendo sues Bowser for copyright violating on Switch hacks


Nintendo takes Kuppa’s hostility to the next level. Polygon learns that Nintendo is suing Gary Bowser, the leader of the Switch Team Xecuter pirate group, for piracy and sales. Police arrested Bowser in the fall, but the company wants his leader to be charged with piracy and human trafficking.

In most cases, Bowser operates the International Pirate Network and distributes subtitling tools for the Switch SX Core, SX Lite, and SX Pro.

Some critics argue that it could help hackers save the game, but Team Xecuter is already selling the SX product line in such a lucrative way that chances are lost.


If successful, Nintendo will stop working on Bowser and claim $ 2,500 in compensation for any bad behavior. In addition to the device, $ 150,000 for piracy.

It is no exaggeration to say that the fine would disqualify the Xecuter team, even if they continued to work.

This process reflects Nintendo’s fight against hackers and other hacking tools. Of course, it’s no surprise that the company is too aggressive.

Nintendo relies more on selling software than competitors like Microsoft and Sony. That’s because top sellers often cite the latest franchise games like Mario and Zelda.

This procedure is obvious, since piracy damages Nintendo’s findings and could deter smugglers.

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