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Nintendo rumored that OLED Switch may arrive in September


According to Bloomberg, Nintendo’s next-generation Switch may arrive in September or October during the holiday season. It may release the upgraded game console before the E3 conference starting on June 12, and start production of it in July.

As early as 2018, news about Switch upgrades surfaced, and there are rumors that Nintendo will replace the LCD display with an OLED model. The latest leak points to the “Switch Pro” (or so-called “Switch Pro”) with a 7-inch 720p OLED screen and NVIDIA Tegra graphics with DLSS, which can output 4K to a TV.

Since its debut, the Switch has remained basically unchanged, although it was quietly upgraded in 2019 with a longer battery life, and Nintendo launched the Switch Lite in the same year.


Like other electronic devices, the current Switch model is difficult to find due to the shortage of key components such as memory and processors. However, it is reported that Nintendo’s suppliers are “confident” that despite these problems, they can still fulfill orders for the next-generation Switch.

The Bloomberg report pointed out: “The production line is fully prepared for potential part changes. The parts that Nintendo is using face less competition than competitors’ more powerful game consoles.”

The Bloomberg report pointed out. “However, the company’s ability to meet consumer needs is still not guaranteed.”

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