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Nintendo has denied providing developers with tools to work on a 4K Switch


Bloomberg says Nintendo provides at least 11 developers with tools to create 4K-compatible Switch games. Announcing it will not be supplying tools for the development of titles for a 4K console shortly after it was published, however, has resulted in the gaming giant issuing a statement firmly denying that.

According to the company, the report is not true. The company reiterated that the Oct. 8th OLED variant will be the only Switch model coming out. 

When Nintendo announced the OLED model, Bloomberg reported that it had already given out 4K toolkits for developers to use and had already asked them to develop games in 4K resolution.

According to the publication, the 11 companies it spoke with included large publishers and smaller studios, including Zynga.

Despite its better contrast and colors than previous models, Nintendo’s upcoming OLED Switch will not support 4K graphics.


An NVIDIA chip would enable 4K graphics to be displayed through a Switch when connected to a television, Bloomberg reported. A source told the publication that Nintendo was unable to meet its 4K goals as a result of shortages of components following COVID-19. 

Since these competitors already sell consoles with 4K support, it would be logical for Nintendo to launch a 4K Switch. That’s not likely to happen anytime soon, however, according to the statement from the company. 

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