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Nextdoor warns that users are trying to post racist messages


Nextdoor introduced a new racist alert prompting users to revisit their content when it discovers an app might be offensive. Similar to the familiar notice above, if a user tries to post something with a word or phrase that Nextdoor considers offensive, the user can edit the message before it becomes available. However, users can still ignore the warning and post.

In a blog post announcing an anti-racist reminder, Nextdoor said the memory for such subtleties in personal content has been reduced by 30%. It’s hard to tell if this new feature works.


Nextdoor example: After someone replies to a Black Lives Matter message, mentions anti-racism, and says, “All lives matter,” they decide what they really want to hear from them. It doesn’t feel like real action.

The Nextdoor may know this. The company states on its support page for this feature that its primary purpose is to inform people that it may be violating its social media discrimination policy.

According to a blog post, opinions on Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, or White Lives Matter are already regulated by Nextdoor.

The new notifications may not change the mind of many people, but if you can mitigate at least some of the platform’s bad behavior, this could be a safe place for everyone.

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