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New Windows 10 update cause Start, Browser & Search Problems

Win 10 19H2

New Windows 10 update cause Start, Browser & Search Problems

Immediately before the release of the Windows 10 19H2 feature update in the fall of 2019. What will happen to the next Windows 10?

Windows 10 autumn feature update “19H2” is just before release. We will also introduce what the 19H2 will look like, as well as the new features and problems of the next “20H1”.

Win 10 19H2

We will report on the trends of “Windows 10” function updates “19H2” and “20H1”. First of all, 19H2 was the final version, and the changes were finalized. Distribution to general users is scheduled to start in November 2019. The 20H1 has no particular improvement, and the pattern of renewal continues almost every other week. However, there is a problem that it is impossible to restart, so be careful.

19H2 Final version

19H2 is the final version, and is scheduled to begin distribution in November as “Windows 10 November 2019 Update (version 1909)”. The November 2019 Update is simply a minor update to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, with stability and a few new features. It’s more stable than the May 2019 Update, so you should update it if you can.

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The update for the November 2019 Update will require a reboot, but the install time should be shorter than before (more on that later).

The main update history of the November 2019 Update released by Microsoft is as shown in the table below. The following table summarizes the main changes (publicly available). As you can see, there are few large new functions, and the content is focused on “stability” (the newer functions, the more likely it is to cause trouble). The Windows 10 update has some improvements that aren’t released, and the current problems may be resolved (of course, it may not be resolved).

Release date

Build number


October 10 Build 18363.418 19H2 fix fixed (for release preview ring)
October 16 Build 18362.10024 Distribution for Throwing Insiders
October 21 Build 18363.418 Final version for Throwing Insiders
October 22 Build 18363.446, same.448 Insider preview
October 24 Build 18363.449 19H2 quality update (release preview ring)
November Build 18363.xxx Scheduled to begin distribution to the general public


Windows 10 Update Pattern

With the final release of the November 2019 Update, the future Windows 10 update pattern has been finalized.

Windows 10 The Latest “[Next Windows 10 latest trend] 19H2 has no additional function? Preview starts later than 20H1” etc. The fall update would be “stable” if Microsoft claims it was correct.

The distribution of feature updates once every six months so far has been a “full update” that reinstalls Windows itself from scratch. For this reason, depending on the model, the update took a very long time.

windows 10 19h2 problems

In general, full updates are shortened in proportion to CPU performance and storage speed. Downloading of update files etc. is done in the “online state” where Windows is running, so even if the processing speed drops, it can be done while using Windows 10. On the other hand, since the update work is performed in an “offline state” in which Windows 10 is stopped, it takes time corresponding to the CPU processing speed and storage speed. Hardware that isn’t very fast can take several hours, and Windows 10 can’t be used during this time, which has been big stress for some users.

Starting with the November 2019 Update, the autumn feature update is not a full update, but a partial update that installs with Windows 10 running, just like the monthly quality update. However, you can’t replace a running Windows 10 file, so you will need to reboot and work offline. However, it is completed in a short time compared to the function update.

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In addition, from the May 2019 Update, the postponement function of Windows Update has also been changed. Considering these, the updated pattern changes with each edition.

First, in the Home edition, the autumn update becomes a quality update, and the full update is only once a year. You can’t use it without applying the feature update (by skipping the version), but you can postpone it up to 35 days.

Windows 10 new Released Problems

With the Pro edition, you can postpone feature updates for up to one year. For this reason, after the fall function update that becomes the stable version, it becomes possible to pass over the next year’s spring function update directly after passing over the next year’s spring function update. However, this requires a long time because a full update is required. The full update, like the Home edition, is once a year.

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In the case of Enterprise / Education edition, the feature update support period is up to 30 months, so if you have installed Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), you can skip up to 2 feature updates. Is possible. This makes it possible to update from a stable version to a stable version while keeping business interruptions due to full updates once every two years.

Changes in 20H1

Let’s also look at the development status of the function update “20H1” scheduled to be available in the spring of 2020. One of the major improvements in October is the simplified Windows 10 “Quick Pair” procedure.

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