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New trailers for Rainbow Six Extraction are full of creepy aliens

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Extraction, previously known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, was finally revealed at the Ubisoft Forward conference on Saturday. Extraction features Siege operators such as Hibana, who has gone MIA. It is set in the same Rainbow Six universe as Rainbow Six Siege.

Together, you form Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT) for an exo-raid, looking for survivors against the Archean, an alien threat. The trailer can be found here:

Rainbow Six

Extraction will be a co-op PvE experience for three players featuring 18 Rainbow Six Operators each with their own weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

As you explore each map, you will encounter various enemies and infestations which will evolve into greater threats as you move deeper into the game. Making tough decisions, working with your teammates, and using tactics are all essential to  survival.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on September 16 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia.

Rainbow Six
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