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New Technology Batteries: May charge your Smartphones in 5 Minutes?

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New Technology Batteries: May charge your Smartphones in 5 Minutes?

The new technology batteries ‘Lithium-ion’ are familiar to everyday life, from electrical appliances such as smartphones to EVs. However, this battery uses rare metal, which is a valuable material, so it is not necessarily a rock stone.

IBM’s Web media Infinity introduced a new technology battery next to the lithium-ion battery. Unlike lithium, it seems that materials all over the world become materials.

New Technology Battery

Fast charging, large-scale power storage. The future created by sodium-ion batteries

Appearing in the interview was Shinichi Komaba, a professor at Tokyo University of Science. Mr. Komaba is researching batteries using sodium.

Lithium, which is the raw material for lithium-ion batteries, can be obtained mainly in South America, but the amount is about 0.002% of the earth’s crust. Since Japan relies entirely on imports for this, there is always concern about the stable supply of raw materials.

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On the other hand, sodium is abundant throughout the world. The amount is about 1400 times that of lithium, and it is also called “common metal” for rare metals.

I understand that the material is abundant, but what is worrisome is its performance. Mr. Komaba and his colleagues have worked hard, and so far, the capacity of sodium-ion batteries is about 90% that of lithium-ion batteries and the lifespan has been improved to the same extent.

This is not the only thing about sodium-ion batteries. Because it is good at rapid charging and discharging, it is suitable for EV brakes and accelerators, and it takes about 5 minutes to charge a smartphone that took 30 minutes with a lithium-ion battery. If this is the case, the battery will not run out.

Lithium-ion new battery

In addition to this, a sodium-ion battery that is likely to change our world, as huge power storage next to nuclear and thermal power plants, storing nighttime electricity in a large building and using it in the daytime.

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New technology batteries such as Komaba, the leading figure in this field, talk about the research that has attracted attention after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the current state of Japan that can be seen from intense research battles with China and South Korea. And if you are interested in the research, please enjoy the continuation of infinity.

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