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Never do these 5 Mistakes on WhatsApp: May have to raise Problems


The instant messaging app WhatsApp is considered the most secure app. Due to the end-to-end encryption feature present in it, users are not at risk of data leaks. However, last year, the WhatsApp account of around 1,400 people around the world was hacked.

Because of which this Facebook-owned app had to be cleaned. WhatsApp is used by users not only for chatting but also for sharing files, image photos, etc. through it.

This app also has audio and video calling feature that users do for Internet calling. However, on WhatsApp, we sometimes make many such mistakes, due to which the risk of personal data leaks can be posed.

         We will tell you about 5 such mistakes, which users make known – inadvertently.


Check Contact List

Our smartphones also have contact numbers that are no longer in use. There are also contacts that were previously in use, but now that number is used by someone else.

You can remove these contact lists from your contact or block them by going to WhatsApp. In such a situation, your personal information such as profile picture, status, etc. will not reach unknown people.

Profile Photo

Many times we put such profile pictures on our WhatsApp or social media platform through which much information can reach people.

In such a situation, before placing a profile photo, keep in mind that your profile picture is not revealing any information other than the photo.

We are telling you this because WhatsApp’s profile photo will be accessible to those people who are in your contact list.


This cool feature of WhatsApp is enjoyed by all. Before applying for WhatsApp status, keep in mind that these should not be accessible to everyone.

You can go to WhatsApp status settings and select it only for your contact. By doing this, only people in your contact will be able to see your status.


Enable this authentication setting of WhatsApp, so that your app can be safe from hacking. After this feature is enabled, no one will be able to access your number by hacking it into another device.

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         To complete this process, you have to enter a secret code of 6 digits. Whenever you access the app in a new device, without this code you will not be able to open the message.

Group Settings

After all these privacy checks, you will also have to disable the WhatsApp group feature. For this, you have to go to the settings of the app and remove it from everyone and go to My Contact.

By doing this, no one will be able to add you to any group without your consent.

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