Netflix soon lets you watch partially downloaded shows or movies

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you know that you can download a certain number of TV shows or movies to your device so you can watch them offline, but sometimes, for one reason or another.

This is because your download is not complete and you cannot play the video. You need to wait before viewing so you are not connected or your data is running out. This may change as soon as Netflix appears to be preparing its Android app to allow you to play your partially downloaded content.

XDA developers tore the APK of their Netflix apps. Here they saw the strings suggesting that they might soon be supported to play partially downloaded movies and TV shows. This is useful if you have limited mobile data or if your WiFi connection is a bit too plankton.


You can’t finish it even when it’s completely offline, but at least you can see some of it and wait until it’s connected before continuing.

This feature may help you with that weird buffering thing. You can start downloading anything for its first 30 minutes and then watch it first. After partially downloading, reconnect to your data or WiFi to complete it. Then disconnect and end up watching, all suffering from buffering, but you can also save your connection.

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A few months ago, someone on Twitter suggested this feature to Netflix. When they responded and said they had it in mind, they were already working on the feature. However, it helps to point out the goods and services directly to brands and services, because they can hear and act on what you have suggested.

However, this feature is not designed yet and maybe in the testing phase. The tear is not always a guarantee that the facility will end, but hopefully, it will soon.

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