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Anime Shows

Netflix plans to launch 40 anime shows in 2021

A nime shows will lunch on Netflix. A statement at the Virtual Animation Expo in Japan on Saturday that the world’s largest paid streaming service Netflix will launch 40 new anime shows this year-half of Netflix’s 5 million subscription households watch an average of five hours a month.

According to Bloomberg News, following the success of the “Blood of Zeus” series last year, Netflix announced at AnimeJapan 2021 in Tokyo that it will launch 40 new anime games in 2021.

The new series released this year includes the adaptation of the Japanese manga “Ragnarok” which premiered in June. Yasuke, about the African warriors of Japan in the feudal era, will premiere on April 29; and “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, a franchise based on video games.

Anime Shows
Anime Shows

Netflix previously announced that its anime shows series “Road to a Family” is also based on the Japanese manga series. It will premiere on April 8. Variety pointed out that the number of animation works released by Netflix this year is almost twice the number of animation series and movies released in 2020.

Netflix Planning to release 40 anime shows in 2021

Taiki Sakurai, the chief animation producer at Netflix, told Bloomberg: “We hope to be proud of being a top entertainment venue with high-quality content.” “The growth of our business is directly related to the growth of animation.”

According to Bloomberg News, the global animation market reached 23 billion U.S. dollars last year and is expected to grow to more than 36 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Sony announced in December that it plans to acquire the animation video site Crunchyroll for nearly $1.2 billion although the sale was postponed due to an antitrust investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

According to the “New York Times” report, Netflix said that last year the number of households providing animation products increased by half compared with 2019.

During the event, Netflix revealed that it participated in the animated adaptation of the Japanese comic book “Ragnarok”, in which about 13 gods fought against 13 people in one-on-one battles to determine the destiny of mankind.

The list of anime shows that premiered this year also includes “Husband’s Road” (starting on April 8), which tells the story of a former Yakuza who became a housewife. Another noteworthy title on the list is “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness“, which will include the voice actors of Claire and Leon in the 2019 Resident Evil remake, and will start broadcasting later this year.

Japanese animation has had a significant impact on Western cartoons, contemporary movies, and even fashion design. Despite being known for being low-key and annoying, the animation is still one of the most admired types of contemporary visual art. However, if you choose the wrong series from the beginning, it may be difficult to understand.

The good news: Netflix has streamed the best anime shows series of all time on its service. The bad news is: They still have a lot of terrible TV shows to sort out.

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