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Netflix deal for streaming rights to Sony Movies


Starting next year, all movies released by Sony Pictures will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix after the release of its dramas and home entertainment. The deal was announced on Thursday and included the movies “Mobius”, “Uncharted” and “Bullet Train.” Netflix will also be able to show movies such as “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and future “Venom” and other Spider-Man movies on its platform.

Netflix will receive exclusive streaming rights to all Sony’s upcoming movies, including the next movie in the “Spider-Man” series. The two companies announced a new agreement that gives the streaming media giant an exclusive right to release Sony’s upcoming dramas in 2022.

As part of this partnership, Sony will plan to directly shoot streaming movies for Netflix for the first time or decide to license streaming movies in the future. Netflix promised to produce a large number of such movies during the transaction.


Neither company disclosed the duration of the transaction or its financial status.

With this deal, new Sony movies will be exclusively distributed to Netflix after they are released in theaters. The deal will cover upcoming blockbusters such as Morbius and Uncharted, as well as the sequels of Spider-Man: Spider Web: Sequel and Venom and the Future of Spider-Man.

In addition to the newly released movies, the deal will also cover some old movies in Sony’s catalog, although it is not clear which movies will premiere in Sony’s direct streaming movies.

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