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Nest.com is now redirected to the Google Store, the web portal remains the same

Google Nest

As early as 2019, the Nest website stopped listing products and sent buyers to the Google Store. At present, the original brand has almost been replaced by Google Nest, and now Nest.com is no longer part of the store redirection.

Visiting Nest.com today will take the user directly to store.google.com/us/category/connected_home. There is a new docking banner at the top, confirming this change: Nest is now Google Nest. To find links, you may need to manage existing Nest products.

It will open the original page and announce “Nesting and Google Home”. Now under a roof. “There is a new paragraph below that explains “How can you still visit this page to find everything you need to manage existing Nest products, including Nest Aware subscriptions, Nest.com order history, and support for Nest devices.” ”

Google Nest
Google Nest

Google also pointed out that these three links “can also be found in the footer section of every page in the Google Store”, although the change does not seem to take effect yet. In addition, you can use your Nest account and Aware subscription by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner of the Google Store.

Home.nest.com remains unchanged, but some users may have accessed it through Nest.com and clicked “Login”. Before the Google Home app had full functionality, the old Android and iOS clients still existed. Even so, Google still promises to keep existing users’ Nest accounts.

This latest step is to append “Google” to the product names of Nest cameras, thermostats, and other smart home devices, and the updated packaging should be fully usable in today’s retail channels. At the same time, earlier this month, @GoogleNest on Twitter was replaced by @MadebyGoogle to establish a unified support channel.


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