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Music Widget restores Apple’s original iTunes widget for Mac OS X

Music Widget

During the release of Tiger in 2005, Apple introduced the first Mac Music widget through the Dashboard software. You can now enjoy your music in a retro OS X style once again thanks to a new customization by coder Mario Guzman who recreated a modern version of the iTunes media player.

Mac users can use Music Widget to use Apple’s original iTunes widget

This is not a widget (at least not in the style of widgets introduced with Big Sur last year) but a standalone application similar to Apple‘s original 2005 iTunes widget. Full functionality and controls are offered by the app. However, this widget will only work with the Apple Music app, not Spotify (or other music apps).

Guzman’s replica also uses code rather than images for most of the artwork and UI elements, so running the widget on a retina display won’t result in 2005-era visuals.

It isn’t the only retro-style music player to appear recently: software developer Tanner Villarete created a similar-looking web application earlier this month that offers a Spotify or Apple Music interface.

There is no cost for downloading Guzman’s Music Widget, which is still in beta testing.

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