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Take a look at the multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is ready for a demo from 343 Industries. Microsoft and Bethesda showcased Halo Infinite multiplayer today at the Xbox + Bethesda showcase.

With this mode enabled, Xbox Series X users can play the game at 120fps and enjoy classic capture-the-flag gameplay mixed with new abilities like the grappling hook.

According to Joseph Staten, lead creative for Halo Infinite, “The gameplay has been designed to honor classic Halo combat while providing new players with the support necessary to jump right into the mix and have a blast.” 

“We are going to introduce the Spartan Academy and Commander Laurette, who will assist players in getting to know maps, weapons, and equipment.”

Halo Infinite will also include bot matches, so players “new and old” can warm up before going on the battlefield. The multiplayer part of the game will be free-to-play across Xbox and PC, with 343 Industries allowing cross-progression between the two platforms.

Halo Infinite

There will be a behavior-based anti-cheat system in place, which runs on the server-side. There is no mention in the trailer as to whether or when a multiplayer beta will be held, or when the game will launch.

Later this year during the fall, Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer modes will launch simultaneously. The community director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, said this summer will see the launch of the technical previews for Halo Infinite.

First time since an eight minute video appeared nearly a year ago that we’ve seen Halo Infinite gameplay. Despite mixed reviews last year, some criticised the game’s graphics and visuals.

A leadership shakeup on Halo Infinite’s team followed this, resulting in the game being delayed until 2021. The 343 also admitted that “some of these points still need to be addressed and raised to our final game’s level of fidelity and presentation.”

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