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Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft team up for a “common vision” on extensions

Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are working together “to advance a common platform for browser extensions.”

The newly formed WebExtensions Community Group remarked on what it doesn’t intend to do, “plan to specify, standardize, or coordinate extension signing and delivery,” while still facilitating the development of the tools with a “common core of functionality, APIs, and permissions.”

Safari in particular has been seeking to build a plug-in ecosystem, thanks to Apple’s WWDC last year when it released porting tools for developers.

Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft

It is currently working with the teams behind Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to create a spec that will improve performance and prevent malicious extensions.

Currently, members are working on the first draft of the proposed specification before inviting others to join.

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