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Moto’s Folding Razr Phone is not Difficult to Repair

Moto's Folding Razr Phone baseread

Foldable phones are currently at the forefront of technology, and many consumers are skeptical of their durability. Not to mention the Fold launched earlier, even Motorola’s folding Razr has the recent CNET 27,000 clamshell failure, and Moto’s response that “you opened the wrong way“.

But fundamentally, the biggest question comes from this brand new product. You do n’t have any previous models to refer to their durability, and you do n’t know how troublesome it is to repair if it breaks.

The former will probably have to wait for three to five years to get the answer, while the latter can be seen by the disassembly of iFixit.

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              Before starting to disassemble the phone, iFixit first noticed that in the process of opening and closing there was a very short moment around the middle, and there was a slight gap between the screen and the shaft.

Moto's Folding Razr Phone baseread

This gap will not appear in the full cover and fully open state, so theoretically the phone is exposed to danger for a very short time, but if something happens to run in, whether it is stuck in the shaft or top On the screen, I am afraid it is not a good result.

The dismantling process itself is described by iFixit as the “last complicated mobile phone device” that they have dismantled. The reason is not mainly because of the hinge mechanism, but because the battery, motherboard and various parts are scattered in half.

Everywhere, and many things are fixed with glue, making the disassembly process extremely careful, neither pulling the wire nor hurting the parts behind it when taking out a part-the most nerve-racking among them One of them is that one of the batteries.

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           The Razr’s battery is split into two halves, one above and one below. This is stuck directly behind the pOLED panel, which is very difficult to take out.

So overall, iFixit gave Razr a minimum score of “1” for ease of maintenance, and there is no possibility that ordinary people can repair it by themselves.

However, iFixit also admits that there are too many concerns about the design of the current folding mobile phone, and there is probably no room to consider the issue of ease of maintenance.

If you want to improve maintenance, you may have to wait for a few more generations, so that manufacturers can improve the structure before it is possible.

********* Source: iFixit **********

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