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Motorola Razr is back with 5G at Price $1,400

Razr Phone 1

Motorola Razr is back with 5G at Price $1,400

When it came out in February, Motorola Razr was a hype about the future, rooted in the past. It is the first modern smartphone that can be folded into a foldable display-but it is also full of nostalgic charm because it looks like a flip phone from the early 2000s.

In short, mobile phones are very, very cool. But there was a problem with the launch of the $1,500 mobile phone, which was called the Galaxy Z Flip.

Since Z Flip has 2020 high-end specifications compared to Razr’s modest specifications in 2019, can be used on more carriers, and at a lower price, Motorola’s foldable flip phone suddenly doesn’t look so attractive anymore.

When the pandemic started, the situation got worse, which forced many people to tighten their spending habits. Nevertheless, six months later, Motorola gave it another chance.

Razr Phone 1

Maybe in August, Samsung added 5G to Z Flip and increased the price of its mobile phone from $1,380 to $1,450, which may help. Motorola has also made many improvements to Razr, adding 5G, and managed to lower the price to $1,400, which is $50 lower than Z Flip 5G.

It seems that Razr in February is a haunted house, and this new version is Motorola’s attempt to get rid of ghosts. All features of the new Razr are better: build specifications, camera, software, and cost but it has nothing.

The new Razr lacks dual speakers, headphone jacks, headphones, wireless charging, and a high refresh rate display.

Considering that it is a foldable phone, it is still expensive. At first glance, Motorola’s compromise seems to be effective and should try to make Razr better and cheaper at the same time.

Motorola has maintained a good balance, while Razr still has its outstanding performance. After all, even an epidemic cannot eliminate the brilliance and exoticism of foldable phones.

Motorola Razr Design

The phone comes in three colors: polished granite, blush, and liquid mercury, which also happens to be the name of my Queen case with the jaw is thinner.

The back is no longer plastic, but glass. There is a new aluminum frame. All these together constitute a solid high-quality appearance.

Razr Phone 2

The core of its foldability is the same zero-clearance hinge mechanism as February Razr, but with some important adjustments. On the one hand-actually my favorite improvement-when opening and closing the hinged screen, it doesn’t creak like a baseball glove.

The spring is tighter, making the screen tighter, and easier to open with one hand. The ends of the hinges are more visible, as if they were wearing shoulder pads. The volume rocker and power button are no longer on the same side of the phone, which makes them easier to distinguish.

Razr still has a 6.2-inch internal OLED display, which is made of five different layers and sealed with a hard coat on the top. Motorola claims that the rated number of times the screen is turned on and off is 200,000 times.

Under certain lighting conditions, when the screen is off, I can distinguish the edges of the steel plates at the top and bottom behind the screen. Your pickiness about this may be different.

The phone does not have IP-rated water or dust protection, but it has a waterproof nano-coating on all internal and external components of the phone.

Motorola Razr Software

The new Razr has 256GB of storage space and runs Android 10. The operating system brings many new useful features, especially the external Quick View display. When the phone is locked and turned off, just place your hand on it or tap the power button to use the external screen in the “peek display” mode. This way, you can view notifications by simply pressing and holding the icon.

When the phone is closed and unlocked, the “Quick View” screen will become a mini Android phone. You can swipe down to enter the control panel, swipe up to see the notification shadow, swipe left to go to the camera, and swipe right to see the grid of the selected application.

You can use applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail on a small display with a mini keyboard. Motorola is also an addictive game for this monitor called Astro Odyssey. To be honest, it has the best music.

Razr Phone 3

When you use an application on the “Quick View” screen and then turn on your phone, it will answer the call directly from your location. Therefore, if you watching a YouTube video about the telescope, Razr can continue to watch it on the larger internal display by simply turning on the phone.

Motorola Razr Camera & Processor

Motorola’s main camera located on the outside of the phone now has 48 megapixels-and uses pixel binning to reduce image noise and illuminate photos in low and medium illumination situations.

It has an optical image stabilization function that can extend the shutter speed in low light conditions. The camera also has a time-of-flight sensor to help focus and create portrait mode photos.

At the top of the interior display, in the batwing-shaped screen groove of Motorola, is an upgraded selfie camera with a 20-megapixel sensor.

Razr Phone 4

Powering the camera and mobile phone is a Snapdragon 765G processor (G stands for gaming), 8GB RAM, and a 2,800mAh battery with 15-watt Turbocharging. The battery has a larger capacity than February Razr, but it is still not large compared to other mobile phones.

Motorola said that using Razr’s external display helps reduce battery pressure. Moreover, we must understand the impact of 5G connectivity on battery life.


Razr in February also only has eSIM, but the new Razr has dual SIM card support: physical nano-SIM card and eSIM. NFC is also suitable for Google Play. Motorola is committed to two operating system updates and two years of security updates.

In contrast, Samsung recently announced that it will support new Galaxy phones with three operating system updates.

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