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Motorola Folding Screen RAZR Mobile Phone Rendering Map Exposure

Motorola Folding Screen RAZR

Motorola Folding Screen RAZR Mobile Phone Rendering Map Exposure

Remember the new form of a folding-screen phone that Samsung announced at its developer conference? The long, folding screen allows the phone to look like a phone instead of a tablet, whether it’s stacked or unfolded.

As for the folding screen mobile phone with the upper and lower folding forms, Motorola may have to release the actual product before Samsung. As early as mid-March, Motorola released a mysterious motion invitation, suggesting that a new RAZR folding screen phone will be released on November 13. Now, the rendering of this phone has been exposed.

Motorola Folding Screen RAZR

According to Twitter’s exposure to V@evleaks, Motorola’s RAZR folding screen phone looks more like a folding-screen phone. The exaggerated point is the pixel-level restoration of the RAZR V3 phone. The upper and lower parts of the fuselage are connected by hinges at the fold, and the small “base” (?) is retained at the bottom.

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It is suspected that a physical button opening is reserved on the base, perhaps for capacitive fingerprint recognition. After folding, there will be a small screen display on the front of the phone, as well as a camera and flash module for self-timer.

Motorola Folding Screen RAZR Mobile

After the expansion, Motorola RAZR contains a relatively long screen, leaving a “bang” area at the top, the upper and lower borders are not straight, but a little arc, the thickness of the phone’s body looks very thin. After folding, there will be a small gap between the upper and lower parts.

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On the core hardware, according to the exposure news, the Motorola RAZR folding screen mobile phone will use a 6.2-inch OLED main display, the screen resolution of the screen next to the camera is 600×800, equipped with 4/6GB memory, 128GB flash memory, equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, battery capacity is 2730mAh. The price is said to be sold for $1,500.

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