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Moto G8 Plus Review: Mid-range Phone

Moto G8 Plus


  • Excellent battery life.
  • The price is good.
  • Snappy fingerprint sensor.


  • Limited availability.
  • The Action camera can’t take photos.
  • The LCD is not good

Motorola has launched another affordable mid-range phone, the Moto G8 Plus. Although not yet officially available in the United States, it will cost about 250 Euros in Europe. Does it bring good value to this money?

Motorola G8 Plus Design

Motorola hasn’t gotten rid of the tried-and-tested design formula introduced by One Vision-all-plastic body with attractive paint effect, rear capacitive fingerprint scanner, and notch display. Moto G8 Plus

Despite the lack of any “advanced” building materials, the device feels good to the touch and has sufficient grip. It’s a bit thick, but I prefer it because it’s satisfying. We have the Cosmic Blue version. Although it is a fingerprint magnet, it looks good, especially when the sun’s rays hit at an angle.

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The back of the Moto G8 Plus has old-fashioned capacitive fingerprints that are reliable, fast and easy to use. It’s not as fancy as those 3D or displays fingerprint scanners, but it does a great job.

The Moto G8 Plus also has a 3.5mm audio jack on the top. This is a very logical addition to this mid-range device-most potential buyers are unlikely to spend money on Bluetooth earbuds.

Motorola G8 Plus Performance

The Motorola G8 Plus is not equipped with a flagship chipset, but in terms of overall performance, it will never give the impression that it is underpowered or severely underpowered.Moto Performance

The Snapdragon 665 has never let you down. It handles apps, games, and my daily work well, although I admit that once you start pushing the device, it will start to show its weaknesses. High-power users should stay away from this phone as its overall hardware package will make them crave more.

4GB of RAM is enough, and local storage is also enough-64GB is the capacity you get on the basic version of the flagship, not to mention you can use a microSD card to further expand it.


Despite having three camera sensors on the back, the Motorola G8 Plus does not allow you to take ultra-wide-angle or telephoto images. It’s a pity that the main camera has a 48MP sensor with an f / 1.7 large aperture and four-pixel technology, while the other two cameras are a 5MP depth sensor and an ultra-wide dynamic camera with a 117-degree field of view. Movie film, slow motion video, spot colors and many other different camera modes are also available here.Moto G8 Plus Camera Best

The photos taken with the Moto G8 Plus are not bad. Under good lighting conditions, although the overall color reproduction effect is significantly colder, the mobile phone can easily produce excellent images with good dynamics, good colors and pretty good details.

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There is also a dedicated night mode that produces enough images when the lights go out. Don’t expect miracles, though, as it’s not as good as Samsung or iPhone can do in their respective night mode products, but it’s not bad anyway.

The selfies are great, overall vibrant, delicate and cute. If you shoot with the sun in the background, the colors will be cooler than usual, which is not great, but otherwise, the selfie camera will do well.

Battery Life

Excellent battery life! almost two days without having to reach for the charger, and imagine that even with a lighter battery, you can even save three days of battery life. With an efficient chipset and a 4,000mAh battery on the deck.Moto G8 Plus Battery

The Motorola G8 Plus is a ranger. By browsing test, the phone lasted 12 hours and 53 minutes, in the YouTube video test, the phone lasted 7 hours, and in the 3D game test, the phone continued 5 hours and 43 minutes. Moto G8 Plus takes an average of 9 hours and 9 minutes and is a rugged two-day phone.

In terms of charging, the Moto G8 Plus comes with a 3A fast TurboPower charging brick in the box, which can recharge the phone for 141 minutes.

Display and Interface

The LCD is the worst aspect of the Moto G8 Plus. It’s big enough, only 6.3 inches, but overall it doesn’t have much gloss. It’s too dark, too cold, and shows a lot of motion blur, which is a common feature of LCD screens that leave the factory. However, it becomes very bright and colorful, which does help alleviate the above disadvantages.

The interface is a clean Android system, and some beautiful things were found on previous Motorola phones-Moto Actions, Moto Display, Attentive Display, and many other features are software experiences a part of.Moto Interface


They used a pill button located at the bottom to go back, access your recently used apps, switch between two recently used apps, and more.

This implementation is hardly any other gesture-based interface, and its only advantage is that the pill takes up less space on the screen compared to the default three-button navigation. Hope this will change after the launch of Android 10.


The Moto G8 Plus is a very affordable mid-range device for only 249 Euros. It is not yet available in the United States, but if it is listed in the United States, its price may not exceed $ 250. This is a good price you get.

Overall, I recommend the Motorola G8 Plus to those who are looking for affordable, strong battery life, user-friendly design, affordable performance, and clean Android experience.

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