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Microsoft’s xCloud gaming feature will be officially Released on September 15th

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming 1

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming feature will be officially Released

Microsoft has been testing its xCloud cloud gaming platform for about a year, which allows you to play Xbox games streamed from a remote server on your phone.

Now that we have reached the end of the free ride for testers, it’s time to get the privileges by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Among many clever project names, “xCloud” is often overlooked. Microsoft considers this technology to be part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and now collectively refers to it as “cloud gaming.” However, we will continue to call it xCloud, at least until there is better shorthand.

What is the price of xCloud and when can I get it?

Those who subscribe to the preview version can continue to play for free until September 11; although the official release is September 15th. 

Microsoft xCloud gaming

Microsoft unexpectedly is that the beta version will be available to current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users from August 11th. Eventually, it will become part of the plan at $15 per month (£11 per month). , Not yet available in Australia).

Microsoft said that there will be other ways to access it in the future, but did not specify when and how much.

Unlike competitors Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now (GFN), Xbox’s cloud games have no free tier. Microsoft is offering a $1 (£1) offer for the first month, which is likely to continue, and will provide a three-month free trial through partners (such as Samsung).

Some people believe that Xbox Game Pass is part of the streaming deal, and this fact makes it a winner. Compared with Stadia and GeForce Now, it is a winner.

Which devices required to play & what are the requirements?

Any mobile device that runs Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher and has Bluetooth version 4 or higher for wireless controllers, and a connection with at least 10Gbps bandwidth-if you are using Wi-Fi, then On the 5GHz channel. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store.

But remember, like all cloud games, bandwidth is more than just bandwidth. Microsoft does not specify a minimum latency for a playable experience, and this makes a big difference.

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming

What about iOS? Can I play on the iPhone?

No. It had a brief beta flirting, but it’s all gone now.

Microsoft is not alone. Due to its App Store policy, Apple does not allow you to play through Google’s Stadia, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Sony’s PlayStation Now, or any cloud gaming platform. 

The whole situation makes some people think about whether Xbox Game Pass is enough to switch from iPhone to Android.

Do I need a controller?

Yes. Currently only a few games such as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Gears 5 support touch control. However, you can use it with any Xbox compatible wireless controller without having to purchase a specific model approved by Microsoft. 

There is no keyboard and mouse support, which is not surprising because it will not run on any device where you use a keyboard and mouse.

How to buy the game?

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming 1

You did not know that you can stream many games in the Xbox Game Pass subscription library.

On the bright side, this includes playing many new games from Xbox Game Studios on the first day. If you choose to buy games, your membership allows you to enjoy discounts on games in the catalog. 

They all support cross-play with PC and console versions, as well as any cross-play already supported on other platforms (such as Nintendo Switch or PS4).

Microsoft said that “100+ games” will be played on mobile devices at launch. At the time of writing, there are 104 beta versions, many of which are Xbox Game Studios titles. Microsoft has only officially announced 30 launch games.

You can use your phone’s microphone to chat during the game. To stream games, you need a third-party application; there is no in-game support. 

This is too bad because if the broadcast stream can be rendered and transmitted locally via the server instead of on the phone, you might get better quality.

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